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    I use to be a fitness freak... well I was a little overboard trying to control my weight in my late teens. I worked out everyday at home with Denise Austin and others. Eat very little and I still wasn't happy with my body at 115-120lbs, I am about 5' 2". I am blessed in the butt and hip, hated shopping ( still do). My muscles began to feel too bulky. Everyone thought I look great, of course I didn't.

    Anyway, I wanted to look thin, not muscular, so I stopped caring that much about working out (it didn't seem to be working anyway). As my life got busier with college and work I got to 135lbs and decided to join a gym...then discovered that I HATE the gym, naked women, sweating with everyone. Treadmills. I am feeling sick just thinking about it. I stopped going.

    Two years later... of on and off workouts I am still toned, not flabby at all. but I could stand to loose about 15lbs. I am just wondering, if I can get away with doing only yoga. I love power/astanga/ vinyasa type yoga. I am not really into hatha. I have a collection of tapes at home. I am wondering, if anyone here was able to lose weight and tone up just using yoga and a good eating plan. I cannot imagine myself doing aerobics or running anywhere. I probably wouldn't mind interval training, but a gym is out of the question. Does my heart need a lot of pounding exercises. Yoga does make me sweat and raise my heart rate.. just maybe not as long or as tiring.

    If you did can you tell me which tapes you like and your diet?
    Thanks for your input.


    Yoga journal did an article on this very topic. Good luck!


    Is Yoga Enough to Keep You Fit?

    We sent three yogis to the lab to test the theory that yoga is all you need for optimal fitness.



    i do all my workouts at home or at the yoga studio. i do yoga, have a walker and various cardio tapes. but i mainly do yoga.

    let me ask how long you've been doing the yoga. if you haven't been doing it long, i would advise starting at a lower level, than moving to a power, vinyasa or ashtanga yoga tape. just wanted to say too all these branches came from hatha...it's the foundation.

    but to your question, you will probably notice that the weight won't come off as fast with just yoga. my weight has been stabilized for a while. i contribute this to my weekly practices. i can compare this to when i was strength-training 3 days, doing tae-bo 3 days and yoga in between, i lost more weight and i lost it faster. you will notice as your use your arms more, they will tone. your legs will get tone after a time too. and since you say you don't want to be ripped and aren't satisfied with the gym, a dedicated yoga practice might be good to you.

    as for diet, since i have stomach issues, i have to restict certain things i eat. my weight has been about the same for the last few years too.

    i hope i answered your questions.


    Thank you for your reponse ladies. I will definatly read that article.

    let me ask how long you've been doing the yoga.*...

    I have been doing yoga on and off for about 2 years. I would say I am at the imtermidiate level, very comfortable with most of the poses. Definatly not up to headstands and shoulder stands. I am just not as committed to it as I should be yet. . Thanks for the hatha claification.

    I also have an orbetrek at home. I could alternate that for a while until I lose some lbs. I also have aerobic tapes, but my neigbours downstairs might have a problem with that.

    I would be interested in know more about your diet. I also have issues with my stomach as well. Mostly indigestion and slow movement, if you know what I mean.


    you should be fine then trying some power/vinyasa/ashtanga. also, don't about getting to headstands or shoulderstands. at our studio, we don't advise most folk to try a headstand alone anyways when you are learning. i can fine you an article about working shoulderstand though. if i find the link again i will pm it to you, if you don't mind. things take time. also it will depend on your body as well.

    just a little bit about me...i have been practicing for almost seven years. still a short time in a yogini's life. but you would think my ankles would be quite open. it is the total opposite. they are still super tight. hero's pose just kills me. also i am working on my handstands and arm balances. i have slight issues with my wrists, so i don't have all the support i would need. plus some days i think my butt is too heavy to be hoisted above my head what i'm trying to say is you'll have plenty of time to work towards certain postures.

    i have irritable bowel syndrome. it can be a pain. i restict my fried foods only to fish...can't give that up yet. i do still eat some red meat. i eat plenty of veggies ( the ones i can have)...but i always have. i drink lots of water. i will indulge in some alcohol...holidays and at a party or two. i can usually only drink 1 or 2. my stomach won't allow it.

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