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  • Why I Got The Pow Wa?


    why again i must say...mahalo?

    why i can hardly contain myself?

    why...why...it's sheer perfection?

    why carry on?


    Why congrats BLL?

    Why am I mad?

    Why I'm glad you won though, and not Cyn :P

    Why J/K


    Why I was SO CLOSE? :Angry:

    Why imagine my surprise when I couldn't post because the topic was locked?

    Why congrats BLL, I guess?


    Why I was close too?

    Why the thread was open one minute, I refreshed it and it was closed?

    Why I knew a new thread would already be created by the time I even tried to?


    Why sure you do Beauty!!
    Why you will try to upstage me again!?
    Why you mean!
    Why you not my friend cause you wom!
    Why I'm a sore looser!


    ^^^Why am I a sore loser too?

    Why Autumn you'll make me feel better if you share some of your plantains?

    Why I have been craving some Jamaican cuisine?


    Why Why Congratulations Beauty!!!
    Why take a

    <span style=\"color:#3333FF\">Why I don'e make Jamaican cuisine!
    Why I'm antiguan?
    Why I'll share my Antiguan cuisine with you!


    why congrats!!
    why wasn't your last post started with a why?
    why how fast is this one going to close?


    why i'm not mean?

    why i love all my why family?

    why each one why one?

    why you're next autum?

    why can i have some tiffany jewelry for my prize?

    why but not white gold? <_<

    why i gotta take my ring back cuz the yellow showin thru? :Angry:

    why *in my mommiest of dearest voices* NO MORE WHITE GOLLLLLLLLLLD?


    Why am I gonna let y'all fill up the thread?

    Why will I come back later so I can win this time?

    Why ttyl!


    WHY I should eat breakfast now!
    Why I don't know what to eat!

    Why let me see what I can find for ya Beauty!

    Why bye PUFF!


    why c-ya Puff!


    Why how do you get the pics on here?


    why you just click the little picture image next to all the other formatting buttons


    Why am I on the Tiffany's site like I'm really getting something!?


    Why I take a nap and now this?

    Why I shoulda just stayed up!

    Why Congrats, BLL?

    Why I'ma win next time?


    why when we do tho you'll have a place to...

    Y i fully overstand ?

    Y you'll blowing up the thread now i wanted to see 70 pages again your weak ?


    why autum, copy the link of the pick, click on the tree thingy when you're posting and paste?

    why for instance, this is the ring tasha and i wear as our commitment bands?

    why the white is coming off tho?

    why this is why no more white gold? :Angry:


    why i just take a shower using moe's soap?

    why one for face and one for body?

    why i wash my hair using the face soap

    why i used moe grow and moeshaeloe?

    why i hear moe grow and shaeloe?

    why i use both on my body too?


    why do I like The Breakfast Club?
    why am I'm glad this is on?


    why thank you everyone for the love?

    why this is why i love moe grow and shaeloe?

    why is my cynnie poo?


    Why ohhhh, I get it now!!
    Why no I don't cause it aint working for me...


    why for instance, this is the ring tasha and...

    Why I love that ring?

    Why Congrats Beauty?

    Why am I at work on a Saturday?


    Why her is the link....www.tiffany.com


    why I'm back folks?

    why BLL should be disqualified 'cause her post didn't start with why? :P

    why after Moe told me she's working 1 1/2 shifts I come to work and find out I may have to work a double tomorrow? :Angry:

    why one of my coworkers won't be in tomorrow night 'cause he's taking his mom to the hospital for surgery?

    why I don't know if they found a replacement, but if they didn't then I'm at the top of the list to cover the shift?

    why if I find myself at work 'till midnight Sunday night, I will take monday off, I will not bounce back in here the next morning at 7:30 AM?

    why yesterday I saw a grown woman sucking her thumb on the bus?

    why I ordered ribs from the Dominican restaurant today and they sent me pernil instead?

    why they used to give you sweet plantains with the lunch specials, now you gotta order it on the side?

    why for $2.00 I can fry up a stack of plantains myself?

    why one woman ordered aguacate con mojito and morir sonando?

    why it's almost time for me to go home?

    why that Amy Winehouse rehab song or whatever she calls it keeps playing in my head?

    why what the hell was she on when she sung those lyrics?

    why she might wanna reconsider going to rehab?


    Why hey whyers?

    Why congrats again BLL?

    Why Chuck Brown was FUNKY?

    Why the beach was HOTT?

    Why here you are BLL?


    why congrats BLL!
    why did I search "sewing" on you tube to find a video on how to replace the bobbin on my machine and people are actually sewing their skin together?
    why what the hell is up with that?
    why I just had to why that.
    why I'm off to finish sewing.
    why why on whyers.


    Why I'm checking in on y'all one last time before I leave the house?

    Why is Choco back?

    Why hey sis?

    Why we missed you?

    Why Moe I might have to order some soap from you?

    Why I want to try the moesheaaloe?

    Why I need to buy some shea butter and aloe vera gel?

    Why BLL your hair is very pretty?

    Why I'm going to see my uncle play tennis?

    Why I hope he wins?

    Why I hope he takes me to dinner afterwards?

    Why see y'all later?


    Why hey PUFF!

    Why thanks girl!

    Why did I miss yall too?

    Why I was actually wondering and thinking about whying while I was at the beach?

    Why I got it bad?

    Why Imma step out to Starbucks for a minute?


    why am I back here?
    why does my twistout look crazy?
    why are informericals so fake??


    why congrats BLL?

    why am i tired of sitting in the f*cking house AGAIN on a beautiful Saturday? :Angry: <_<

    why it's starting to get to me?

    why i need some yogurt?

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