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  • Why Did Yall Know Mod W And I Are Related?


    why i'll see you at the family reunion mod w?

    why good lookin out?

    why for my gift(s), i would like a free wedding consultant? (call me)

    why i would like 2 roundtrip tickets to maui? (no, seriously)

    why i would also like contemporary asian furniture?

    why and last but not least, i would like pics of flowy, knee length, white dresses for my wedding?

    why something a little tropical?

    why thank you all?

    why eta ~ maybe one of my ny whyers could send me a slice of red velvet from make my cake?


    Why I really almost won?

    Why my stupid 'puter did me in for real this time?

    Why I submitted a post right after you did, but it didn't take (as usual)?

    Why I always have to try 5 or 6 times to post something?

    Why oh well?

    Why Congrats?

    Why I'll have to log on from home to get your gifts?


    Why congrats BLL?!

    Why LovelyLady, BLL snatched your win?

    Why am I trying to cause drama? :P

    Why it's all in fun?

    Why the Bynum vs Weeks drama continues?

    Why is all I wanna know?

    why eta ~ maybe one of my ny whyers could...

    Why here you go BLL!
    Why enjoy?


    Why Congrats T?

    Why I'll be back bearing gifts before the day's done?


    Why hey Tress and Snickerdoodles?

    Why good to hear that Snicker is doing well and Tress at aleast you're alive? <_<

    Why I'm loving "vaginal rest"?

    Why I see you the same ole Tress even if you're laid up?


    Why LL, good to see that you're attracting good dating vibes?

    Why your good mood is infectious?

    Why I can feel it through the screen?


    Why Phat I can do your hair if you want?

    Why you don't have to pay?

    Why I'll even feed you?

    Why holla?


    Why Mecca Boobiekins... I'm in HR?

    Why holla if you still need HR help?


    Why enjoy? ...

    why thanks bat, but i was hoping for the real thing from one of the ny whyers?

    why it's the bestest i've ever had?


    Y did you really steal that one i like that you learn well little one ?

    Y i had cake day before yesterday ?

    Y did there prices go up (and they remodeled) ?

    Y not red cake though?


    Why congrats BLL!

    Why here you go:

    why sorry for the non replies & non returend calls...things...

    Why he really did though.....after all that jealousy about her and Steve Urkel as her study partner


    Y do you really think if i mail that it would get there in tack and edible ?

    Y does it always take black ppl a week to put some one in the ground ?

    Y please do me like a jew get me in the ground in 24 hours ?

    Y unless you waiting for someone to get here put me away


    ****Why Phat I can do your hair if you want?Why...

    Why Neo, you are the B.E.S.T EVER!!!!

    Why and I can eat too?

    Why I'm so glad I met you?

    Why you don't have to worry, I won't take advantage?

    Why favors for favors?


    why congrats bLL?

    why coincidence, i think NOT!

    why ima hook u up with some of my red velvet cookies one day?

    why Neo so sweet?

    why ima call her this weekend


    Why congratulations BLL?

    Why here u go BLL


    Y look in jazz sigg ?

    Y she gonna lose some friends ?

    Y is that so cute ?


    Why I have this big ole stankin' pimple on my face?

    Why I'm doing the whole routine and drinking water like it's the best thing since BLL's red velvet cake and I'm still getting pimples?

    Why am I getting adult acne?

    Why I would have rather it in my adolescent years?


    Why T... you know you ma cousin right... so here be the "hook-up"?

    Why ... I sent Pookie an' em to get them tickets and the "free" consultant... but here the rest of yo stuff?

    Why your Asian Contemporary furniture....

    Yo Screen

    Yo Family Altar

    Why Facety TV Armoire... you know I that gurl ... right

    Why yo dress....




    Why on de real yo... check Nordstorms' website?

    Why mad cute beach wedding dresses on the cheapo?

    Why yo cake from Make My Cake... yep... signed, sealed and delivered from they website? :P

    Why peace out?

    Why how's my "street" vernacular T?

    Why I swear I'm in such a good mood today... I'm losing it?

    Why enjoy?


    Why YAY Neo's in a good mood?

    Why I want everyone else to be in one too?

    Why it's Friday and I'm ready to get my drink on? lol

    Why I haven't had a drink in a minute?

    Why Phat, pimples mean your body is trying to rid itself of something?

    Why keep drankin' water?

    Why Moe, girl stop the madness? lol


    Why Moe, girl stop the madness? lol...

    Y what i do ?


    why i hope this vegas trip aint hard to plan?


    Why congrats BLL?

    Why here is a dress for you?

    Why here is a tropical vacation?


    why thanks for my prizes jazi, neo and mecca and choco?

    why those dresses are beautiful?

    why i guess nobody else cares?

    why i guess i'll go find another thread that'll love me?

    why goodbye forever?


    why stop being all traumatic bll?

    why ima get u somthing when u find what i want ya to have?

    why ok now i's reddy

    why here you go

    why this in white

    why this is hawt and i need to get slim for it!


    why those dresses are beautiful?why i guess nobody else cares?...

    Y dont you stop it

    http://www.islandbrides.com/view-article/T...dding+Dress/28/ go here

    Y this on is for facety and you can tell her i said too http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?p...590&uid=1101381


    Why congrats BLL?

    Why here's a decorated room for you:

    Why here's a dress (imagine it in white):

    Why here's some cake:

    Why here's something tropical:

    Why enjoy!


    why those dresses are beautiful?why i guess nobody else cares?...

    Why girl shut all that fuss up with your crazy self

    Why you know we love ya

    Why all the whyers saying " SHE"LL BE BACK!"

    Why I'm going to get your gifts, i've been away from the PC

    Why go ahead and try to find another thread to love ya.....


    WHY GIFTS FOR BLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Y she gonna lose some friends ? Y is that...

    Why, Yeah right!


    Why ya'll know ya'll loves me? :P Why, Yeah right!...

    Y it wont be us who turn on you ?

    Y sorry good morning ?


    Why and I can eat too? Why I'm so glad...

    Why awwww.... here's some for ya?

    Why singing... "ain't nobody gonna lub you like we do"




    why hey ya'll
    why congrats BLL?
    why I'll get your prizes soon?
    why this african guy said he was fascinated by my hair today (shrunken fro)?
    why he asked what I do to my hair and I told him?
    why then he had to go and ruin the compliment by insisting that I had to be mixed with a little something else for my hair to be how it is?
    why I was like "No, I'm black."
    why he was all "I can see that you're black, but what else are you?"
    why I was like "Nothing, just black." and he didn't believe me?
    why I do have some other stuff mixed in there but it ain't like I have "mixed people hair"/defined curls and ringlets?
    why then he made fun of my nickname, but I think he was trying to flirt?
    why asian guys keep staring at me?
    why I keep thinking there's something on my face?
    why these nmad girls need to stop gnikcuf glaring at me?
    why yes I did swear backwards?
    why I'm off to grab gifts for BLL


    Why good morning?

    Why Tigress is pulling men from every direction?

    Why Yellow too with the booty shorts?

    Why allergies are no joke?

    Why Tress and Ebo have be gone a long time?

    Why I need to sleep off this Dayquil? <_<

    Why my mom FINALLY said she likes how my hair looks?

    Why that means a lot to me?


    why here you go BLL?

    why Bora-Bora?

    why Fiji?

    why Dominica?

    why I had to split my post 'cause I got you so many gifts BLL?

    why here's your furniture?

    why and since I'm nowhere near NYC, here's some British desserts?

    why sticky toffee pudding with passon fruit on top?

    why Choco I don't think I am?
    why most guys here won't talk to me?
    why they just stare?

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