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    Okay, this has probably been asked before but I am leaving the house in a few hours and want to know where I can pick it up commercially (i.e. target, walmart, etc). I really want to try some of these leave in recipes but some of the ingredients I don't know where to go.

    Such as:

    Aloe Vera Gel
    Jojoba oil
    Vegetable Glycerin

    Also a few questions: the aloe vera gel, would it be located in the body wash section or hair gel section? (I know we are to use it for our hair but all I could only find aloe vera gel in the body wash department at Target)

    Secondly, I am going to try to use a honey leave in recipe but has anyone had problems with bees and wasp being attracted to them while wearing it. We are taking the kids to the zoo later on today and I don't want to have to run through the entire zoo . And if you happen to live in DC are there any stores (non commercial i.e. natural local stores) that I could check out. thanks ya'll...help a newbie out!


    Check out www.mountainroseherbs.com for all your supplies. I got my stuff from them in less than one week. They even have aloe vera gel. But you can also get Fruit Of The Earth Aloe Vera Gel from Walmart. When I picked it up, it was near the lotions. It says 100% aloe vera gel on the bottle. The only additions are preservatives.

    And I use honey in my hair and it won't attract bees. Just don't use too much or your hair may be sticky.


    Okay, this has probably been asked before but I...

    You can get all of the items you are looking for at Whole Foods.

    They usually have one or more people working in the beauty section who can help you with anything you can't find.

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