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  • Where To Bc In Philly?


    Hi folks,

    I've finally made the decision to take the plunge, but don't know where to go for the bc. After spending HOURS researching online, I'm conflicted on whether to go to a barber or a salon...

    I'm looking for a place in Center City, Philadelphia, and am considering Brownstone. Any suggestions on either a specific place or type of place would be great.

    So excited and scared at the same time!!!


    It depends. A lot of ladies go to a barber because usually they have more experience with natural hair. However, the cut they give could turn out being somewhat manly.

    You can do a search on Barbers in the Napptural Hair discussion forum to see peoples opinions on that. If there are Natural hair shops (that know what they are doing) that would probably be your best bet.

    Do a search on Philadelphia in the Napptural Services forum and there is a good amount of threads that pop up so that you can see what others said about particular salons or mentioned ones that you may or may not have heard of.

    I can't really give you any personal experience advice though. My best friend and I did my BC.

    HTH and Good luck!! ^_^

    p.s. don't forget to take pics so that we can see!

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