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    Hello. I'm new to this forum, but not to natural hair. I have not had a chemical in my hair in almost 4.5 years. Before going natural, i only relaxed my hair once or twice a year but relaxers never really took to my hair and i hated the bone straight look. I got extensions and natural weaves a lot. Then in 2003 after I got married, I decided to try and actually do my own hair.

    I loved twist. I would do that and then twist-outs but not much else. I have been wearing my hair like this for 3 years with an ocassional flat ironing when I had to look fancy or wanted a change. Now I want to say not to the flat ironing and I want something other than twists.

    My hair is kinky but soft. I don't have any straight ends as I have recently cut my hair. It is medium length (almost shoulder length) when blown out. I am pregnant too and I want something that I can maintain easily but I don't want anything to permanent (locs). Can you help? Someone?



    Hi Kristina,

    I'm a newbie myself both to this site and to natural hair, so my advice probably wouldn't be that helpful
    I would check out the Natural Styles Workshop, especially since you're not dealing with two different types of hair. That is probably you're best place to start along with the hair albums.

    - - Jesslynn - -


    Also check out MotownGirl for more styling options and great tips.


    Thanks ladies. I will check them out asap.

    Kristina Brooke



    You can find lots of info around here, browse around and even do a search (button is at the top of the page) and you will find lots. Also, many members have hair albums that can give you ideas. Still, I have some links for you.

    Natural Hairstyle Pics: What song.....

    Chunky Fro Pics: Recipes From The Continent

    Fierce Fro Pics: Coffee And Cellulite

    Twists Style PIcs: I Guess All Black People Look Alike

    You can find many other styles around here too. Also, fyi using heat isn't discussed around here for multiple reasons. You can find a topic at the top of the main hair section to expain it. Wanted to let you know since you mentioned it.

    Welcome again and good luck with your hair.

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