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  • What Are U Sick Of ?


    I'm sick of the devil.
    Sick of living a life of sin.
    Sick of churches followin pagan rituals.
    Sick of the rich gettin rich, while the poor people die
    Sick of african civil disputes
    sick sick sick of blood diamonds
    So sick of people dying from Diabetes
    Sick n tired to death of AIDS
    Sick of this dying generation
    Sick of myself for not doing more
    Sick of excuses
    I'm sick of my family

    I'm sick of the fact that so many sisters here are feelin sick of something.


    Im sick of the tenants in this building always finding away to get what they want and not doing a thing for the building

    Im sick of loop holes

    im sick of ppl bring there kids here after they get their apartment put there name on the lease from the start stupid

    im sick of having to monitor the laundry

    im sick of young girl having babies and think all they have to do is dressed them up and do their hair


    i am sick of people with this "We as a people need to ......." crap

    i am sick of sitting in this chair and doing what i do


    I'm sick of my man workin 3rd shift

    I'm sick of being the only black person in class, and being expected to be spokensperson for all things "black"

    I'm sick of this little azz desk they gave me at my job
    I'm sick of not having any drawers on this little azz desk they gave me at my job

    I'm sick of it bein 20/30 degrees in TEXAS...wtf

    I'm sick of all the people who crowd the multicultural section of the library just because its black history month, when that is my everyday hangout.

    I'm sick of black dudes at my school (or anywhere) sayin n*g#e#r all willie-nillie, and in front of white people all the time.


    Where do I begin <_< ???


    I'm sick of seeing Jessica Simpson in pictures with John Mayer!

    Make it stop! Please, make it stop!

    See?! You're sick of it too now, aren't you! In all serious, I wish them the best. He seems to be good for her. Rumor is she's standing up to pimp daddy Joe these days. However, I AM sick of the pictures...enough already.

    Sorry, that's not serious...well, not really serious.

    On a more serious note...

    I'm sick of apathy and ignorance.

    I'm sick of Americans not realizing that the choices we make impact the whole world. It's a shame that only NOW are most people getting that going to war with Iraq was a huge mistake.

    I'm sick of pop culture, for the most part. I don't really like most of what's out there. It just makes people vapid.


    Thank you...thanks for this;

    I'm sick of:
    -the way the world is
    -having to deal with cut-throat people on the job and in life
    -gossiping, immature black women (same goes for other races, too)
    -people acting like something's wrong w/me because I don't date and I've never dated (I would rather just have a guy around me just to give me "some" when I want it)
    -singleness being seen as a disease by society
    -the fact that Valentine's Day is coming up (people think you must be miserable if you don't have anyone by that dreadful day )
    -being fat (by the way, I'm succeeding at weight loss plan since August '06 )
    -having women give me "the eye" like I'm trying to take their man just b/c I passed by them in a store, at a restaurant, etc.
    -having to put on a smile when I don't feel like it (so draining...)
    -feeling like I've completed a task, then something else needs to be done
    -recent cold weather in Texas (come on spring)
    -recent music being crappy
    -everybody searching to be "unique", but complaining when others see you as "weird"
    -people driving dangerous in bad weather, but driving slow in good weather (aaaarrrgggghhh)
    -managers who have a meaningless job that make you do meaningless things just to boss you around (you can't read magazines at your desk during downtime, etc.)
    -people who feel compelled to correct you on every detail you get wrong during a conversation,like we're on some f--king game show
    -when one guest doctor on a talk show discredits another method of eating healthy, losing weight, etc. (I'm vegetarian, and I choose not to do away with carbs, alright???)
    -when every health expert reports every disease thats killing the most people in the US ends up being really aggressive in blacks, "according to studies" <_< (first heart disease/blood pressure, second cancer, and now AIDS??? talk about annihilation of the black race)
    -the fact the we don't have any real civil rights leaders anymore (and why does everyone keep trying to make the next civil rights leader a preacher in Atlanta, GA? can we all just unite and fight for civil rights together?)


    Thank u for making this thread!!

    I'm sick of:

    being scared
    two-faced people
    worrying about $
    worrying about my health
    missing old friends
    the media
    lying politicians
    fake people
    greedy people
    people who don't know 'ish' about my hair, yet want to tell me what I should do with it!
    people who lack compassion
    people who do not think before they speak!
    People who think they know everything!!!

    Ok, did I mention enough? LOL!

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