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  • Using Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse With Synthetic Braids


    I guess I'm in what you would call the transition phase - I started wearing braids about four months ago in March 2006 because I was tired of getting a chemical fire 2of62ontheway everytime my hair began to shed (bad advice from a lazy hair stylist). straightening my hair with lye or no lye fire 2of62ontheway has been a monthly routine for years. My hair is extremely coarse.....or kinky depending on your point of view (probably a nappy from what I've read).

    Anyway, I've decided to go all the way and finally become a Napptural but I'm sure I want to give up the braids and get the BC just yet. My hair was re-braided just this past Monday and I want to start a GOOD hair maintenance routine this time around. I definitely will go poo-less and will opt for the Condish-Wash, but would really appreciate some feedback on this "Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse" I've been reading about. Has anyone had experience doing this while in braids? Also, what is a "cone" conditioner and why is it bad to use?

    Much Thanks, jb


    The vinegar rinse is used to rid hair of prouct buildup, so you shouldnt really need it with the braids. As far as conditioners go "cone" is short for silicone which tends to build up and make yor hair appear dull. go for the cheap conditioners for regular use like suave or v05 and spend a little more on days you deep condition.
    just make sure you rinse your hair really well,and dont forget you can just rinse with lukewarm water inbetween washes.Good luck on your journey

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