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    I just started my journey 2 weeks ago, and I'm finding out little things I never thought about when I made my decision to loc. My texture is wavy, so I've been warned by my loctician and others that my hair will eventually loc, but I'll need a lot of patience. My coils keep coming out in the back and on the sides. There are a few reasons for this:

    1. I toss and turn at night, and although I tie my hair down, the sides and back take a beating.
    2. My hair is shorter on the sides and back.
    3. I didn't think about this one...Night sweats. I'll be 45 next month. Need I say more? Some mornings I wake up and I (and my coils) are drenched.

    When my hair gets longer, the coils will stay better. The ones on the top are doing great!

    Has anyone else had any unusual or unseen challenges with their locs?



    In the beginning, I saw a few of my locs and thought, "Hey! These are too fat!" So I then commenced to "divorcing" them. As the months rolled by, those same locs started to look way too thin for my taste, so then I had to re-marry them. (I should have just left them alone in the first place - you can't tell a damn thing in the first few months.)
    Sweating has been an issue. I hate sweating. And it gets all in your locs and there goes your maintenance.
    Washing versus full course maintenance. I would like to just wash and go, but I can't. It just looks like which way is up when I do that so, usually I have to wait to wash longer than I normally would so I can do maintenance. (I'm working on figuring this one out right now. I can't keep going more than a week without washing and I absolutely REFUSE to maintain more than once a month.)

    So yeah... a few challenves, but ALL worth it.

    One Love,

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