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  • U2 And Green Day's The Saints Are Coming


    I'm still pissed off that most of America has forgotten about New Orleans again. Money is one thing. I gave too. I just thought there would be more of an outcry against this hypocritical administration (and democracy).

    I'm glad that there are musicians who are willing to continue speaking out even though Katrina isn't "in vogue" anymore.

    The Saints Are Coming

    I'm see I'm not the only one who thought that our troops could have been put to better use helping Americans when Katrina hit instead of fighting an unnecessary, senseless and dangerous war.


    I cant watch the video(b/c I'm at work) but I've been hearing the song quite a bit.
    it's nice I like it. I good to know some (if not all) people care about the Katrina victims and the devastation it had on this nation.

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