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    For those of you who have visited San Francisco, where did you stay? I know the city is expensive, but if you found any safe/affordable hot spots....please share!


    Well I hit you up at myspace,but honestly the best thing is to NOT stay downtown or on the Wharf.....There are fabulous Hotels everywhere...Mail me..we shall talk more....


    i was there a few weeks ago.

    i'm not sure how long you're going to be there and i'm not sure what your budget is.

    i used site59.com. was there for three days and two nights - a weekend.

    i stayed at the argent. it was a nice hotel in soma - it was across the street from the sfmoma and down the street from the museum of the diaspora and across from the st. regis (which had a nice bar :P ). was also near the bart, etc.

    the argent hotel is being renovated though and turned into the westin i believe...so maybe bargains can be had still.

    i think the mosser is a nice bare bones but stylish hotel - it was a couple of blocks from where i was. i would consider that place for budget travelling. not sure if this will help, but i walked by the clift a few times - i think it was the triton - right across from the entrance to chinatown - on site59.com, the rate seemed pretty good. i think the chancellor is also supposed to have good rates - below $200/night. these were places with a young crowd.

    i was happy with where i stayed because at a certain point, staying out of the way could be less expensive but a complete headache. i was glad to walk out of my hotel and be in a fab location. i have a few gripes about the hotel but...

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