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    Hey everyone,

    I am SO excited about my recent decision to go natural...it's been a long time coming! One of the major reasons it has taken me so long to finally "go for it" is because I'm really worried about how to maintain a professional image while growing my hair out. See the thing is, I'm in my 1st year of law school...and I'm not EVEN gonna pretend like the legal profession is liberal at all (navy, black, and maybe a grey suit only)...the Placement Office at the law school won't even let us wear BANGS or HOOP EARRINGS to an interview. Despite that, I have decided that I just can't keep straightening my hair with lye or no lye fire cream...I WANT TO BE NAPPY AND HAPPY!!! I'm currently wearing my hair in individual braids...I've decided to transition for "about a year". Does anyone have any hairstyle ideas? Because it's my first year of LS I won't be going on any major interviews until next Spring so that should give me a little while to get some ideas together. Also, is wearing braids for a full year a good idea? It seems like it may thin the hair out!!! As you can probably tell by now, I am basically CLUELESS any advice is welcomed!!!

    Thanks in advance,


    This might sound plain & boring...but you can't go wrong with a bun or a low pony! you can use gels or creams to smooth the sides...

    ...or you can also do rollersets...these are the styles I'm usually wearing...cause i'm transitioning too...

    ...just my thoughts...

    oh and welcome to naturality!


    Braids are a great idea for transitioning. If you do a search on the web for the crown and glory method, that is the one used for growing hair out (but it can also be used for transitioning). With braids you can of course put it in buns and low ponies and other conservative styles.

    I'm transitioning and I get on certain kicks. I went through the twist,braid/out kick, demi-wig kick, scarf kick and now I'm on the phony pony kick. With the phony pony I find that it can look really professional. I wash my hair and put in all the product etc. Then I may put in aloe vera gel or smooth over some petroleum based product (horror of horrors I know) I put a sandwhich baggie over my real hair that I put in a pony tail to protect it and put my phony pony over it. I hope to get a phony bun which would be conservative enough for the law profession I would think.

    I'm sure you'll find several styles that you will love.

    Congratulations on your GREAT decision!


    I am SO excited about my recent decision to go...

    Welcome to forum! I graduated from law school last May. My whole 1L year, I tried transitioning, so I wore a combination of braids, professional looking cornrows (braided into a bun) and small kinky twist. Unfortunately, I failed my transition test and permed my hair for job interviews. That was like the biggest mistake I could have made. So now, 3 years later, I am once again trying to transition. As the other ladies have said, you could try wearing your hair in a ponytail or bun or you could alternate between ponytails, roller sets, and braids. When I wore small braids my 1L year, I never wore them over 6 weeks at a time. I would then take them out, get a roller set and wear that style for about 3 weeks and then get more braids. I know focusing on your hair is hard right now, especially when you have all of that reading to do, but have fun with your hair and congrats on your decision to wear your natural hair!



    I'm transitioning while in my 3rd year of law school. I wasn't brave enough to start before I accepted my post-graduation job offer, for the same reasons you mentioned. So kudos to you! :-) The styles I do are rollersets, twistouts, braidouts. I decorate with cheapie hair accessories from H&M or I just wear my hair plain. If we have an important meeting and/or if I have to go to court, then I slick my hair back into a bun. I think as long as the hairstyle looks "neat," you should be okay. If you have enough hair, then bun is always a good choice for interviews and other conservative meetings.

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