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    So basically I am thinking about transferring schools because of money and because I do not like my school's area... and I don't want to be $80,000 in debt when I get out, especially when I do not really like the area my school is in. I also plan on getting my phD straight through. But the problem is that if I transfer, I will not have the exact same opportunity that I have at the school that I am presently at. My transfer school does not have all of my complete majors, though it has one I want to do, but I am saving ALOT of money and I will come out loan free. So for those of you who have done the transfer thing or are contemplating....or whoever...do you have any advice? A sista needs some help. Thanks. Peace and blessings.


    I wrote something similar, last month..

    I Started My Locs!

    I say, do what you have to do.. Do what you feel is right. If you feel, you can benefit from going to another school, then go there instead.



    like mochalocks said, do what feels right. Here are some things to consider though:

    -What year are you? You don't have to answer on the board, but if you are a freshman or sophomore (or not into your major yet), the best time to transfer is now, while most of your credits may transfer

    -Will your credits that you have actually transfer? Make sure this is clear before you transfer, especially if you already have a lot of credits. At least try to get your basic classes (math/english/science) to transfer (or CLEP out of them) so you won't waste time retaking classes. Also, if you are transferring from a quarter school to a semester school, your credits are now worth 2/3 (I think) of what they would be worth in the semester school.

    -Also, if you are early in your college career, it's great that you're considering grad, but also consider that you don't have to get your grad degrees at the same school. If your new school has a "graduate feeder"/graduate school fair (I don't know what they call it up there) day, I would check it out and see what all is out there in your major. You may even see that some "expensive" colleges offer grants/fellowships that you can take advantage of so grad school won't be so expensive (ie, I have a friend with a NASA grant at Tuskegee now and they pay her tution plus she works at Cape Canaveral during the summers--paid). If your new school doesn't have a graduate school fair, I would check out the fairs at other schools in town.

    That's all I can think of right now. HTH.


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