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  • Tiny Box Braids


    i just spent 12 hours doing tiny box braids they are the size of micro braids, without the fake hair. my question is how long can they stay in with out locking, i want to lock but not until i finnish medical school, i am still in my junior year of undergrad. i currently attend a private black school in the atl and have been told that dred locks are a no no if i want to get in to a good medical school (they ask for pictures) now i am proud to be me, i just need to "play the game so to speak" until i am where i need to be.


    I would wear a wig for the picutreand then show up once they accept you in the medical program what can they do?


    As I'm sure you already know, everyone's hair is different. It is not really possible to determine when your hair will loc. There's a great thread on here about the stages of locking, it should inform you of the stages of locking & if you want to avoid locking but leave the braids in for a undetermined length of time that's probably the best guide available for you. There are also quite of few successful braidloc'ers here that can probably tell you what to look for, just do a search.

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