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  • They Re Checking My References!


    My company sent an email to my references about my job performance(in my previous job ) and other infos (salary,start date ,reason of leaving) I ve been working for them for about 5 months now and I feel betrayed .I even had the highest score last month ,what s the reason why they re checkin my references??
    Another thing,In my CV i stated that I ve started workin in my previous company in Nov 1999 while it was Dec 2000 (honest mistake ) Now how in the hell I fix that ?Gosh I cant lose my job !


    did you ask them why they were doing this? and whether or not it is standard procedure?

    also, how long is your probationary period?

    not sure why they would do such a thing. i hope it doesn't turn out bad for you. also, i would imagine that being pregnant around the time that you landed the job doesn't really help. in their mind, they probably aren't liking that. but what do i know.

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