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  • The Winter Hair Blues...


    Hey all. I had a question concerning winter and split ends. It seems as though since the weather became extremely cold I've had split ends popping up all over the place and I'm not exactly sure what to do about. In the spring I could do almost anything to my hair and it would just "bounce back" no worries. But I've tried to cut my split ends at one point with the twist method (it didn't work out to well) and now I still have about as many as I did before. I've heard that a silk pillow case would make large difference, or tying up your hair. But one of the things I like about having natural hair was that I didn't need to really tie up unless I was doing something specific to it. Any ideas? Solutions? Recipes? HELP!?

    I think one of the problems may have began because I don't particularly have the chance to wet my hair as much as I did when it was warmer out. I'm totally at a loss


    I think my first question would be what is your hair regimine? What styles are you wearing and how are you achieving them? What products are you using? Harsh combing and brushing can do all kinds of damange to your hair. Cold winter weater can do a number on natural hair as well, so you have to treat it differently than in warmer months. This is why so many nappies opt for protective styles, hats, or weaves during the wintertime.

    Because natural hair is so dry, we have to take extra measures to retain moisture. members shouldn't just cover their hair to preserve a style - they should also do so to retain moisture and prevent breakage. Certain materials, like cotton, can suck the moisture out of nappy hair and make it dry.

    When you toss and turn at night on cotton, your hair is causing friction against a rough material and this can also promote breakage. I NEVER go to sleep at night unless I am wearing a satin bonnet or scarf. I don't think satin pillowcases keep my hair as moisturized, so I don't use mine very often. Moisturize your hair at night, twist it in fatties, and wear a satin scarf or bonnet to bed and see how much better your hair feels in the morning.

    I think you also want to pay attention to your ends when you are moisturizing them. You may also want to be sure you are deep conditioning your hair on a regular basis, and you may need to do regular trims as well.

    Good luck!

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