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  • The Infamous Spray Bottle


    Hey all,

    I just started being natural and in reading some of the many posts, I have found that many of you use a spray bottle, with different home made moisturizers, daily.

    I was wondering since I have bought a spray bottle, what should I put in it? I have read some women use honey, eo's, conditioners, etc and of course water. I have very, very, very nappy hair....straight off the boat african hair. And it get's hard and dry during the day....so does anyone have any suggestions on what things I should put in my spray bottle?

    Thanks in advance.


    first off what do you have on hand already? oils condtioner etc?

    I use the condioner olive oil and water combo. I find that this works pretty good at spritzing a dry fro. Some swear by glycerin and water as well. I personally hate the way glycerin made my hair feel but do give it a try at least once. Some nappies also add essential oils to their spray. I do this sometimes as well. There is a rosmeary spritz recipe floating around here some where, so be sure to ask about that as well. Some say that moisturizes pretty well. Do make sure to find an essential oil whose smell you can tolerate.

    For the combo I use basically just add about 3 squirts of conditoner, 2 capfulls ofolive oil( a dollar store brand works just fine) and fill the rest of the bottle up with water and shake until combine.


    I pretty much use the same thing as she mentioned above.

    A few squirts of Suave Humectress conditioner, about 2 tablespoons of Wild Growth Oil, which is mostly made of olive oil and other common oils, about 5 drops of rosemary eo and the rest with distilled or spring water and shake it up. It makes my african born hair, very easy to comb and very moisturized.

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