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  • The Best Hair Week Ever


    Ladiesâ¦ladiesâ¦ladies! This has been a wild week for me regarding my hair. I have had at least five women ask me how I got my hair in a puff. I mean people have actually stopped me in school, grocery store, dollar store, stop light, and while I was jogging. I have to admit I was a little flattered, yet not cocky. I gave all of them advice on how to do the puffs and even gave them the web address to hairtipsformeâ¦reppin forum 4life.
    On the other hand, I also have been hearing the ole âœI got to get a perm girl❠syndrome. Earlier this week in my lab, me and a few other girl started discussing hair. I was being real humble and fair because all of them had re-laxed hair. We were talking about different styles mainly rods. Then we started talking about natural hair, two of the girls like the looked but claimed it was difficult to manage. The other girl goesâ¦*popping tongue* âœI can't go natural my hair be cuttin my fingaz as it iz❠*pop tongue again* ! At first I just looked at her then I started busting out laughing and said âœDang that's too bad; I don't have any problem with my hairâ. Then today I was in the cafeteria some girl was talking to this other girl about her perm. She said âœYou have a perm, dang I'm jealousâ. I started giggling to myself and my friend thought I was crazy. I think I had too much hair excitement for one week, I going to go home and give myself a facial.


    Wow! You did have an interesting hair week. It is funny to me know to hear my coworkers comment to me about how they are not brave enough to go natural and can't deal with their hair. To think I thought that way once....I am so glad I finally WOKE UP!

    My hair week was the usual. Wash and go Monday-Thursday and decided to do a shrunken puff today. Not sure what to do with my hair tommorow I am going to a comedy show. I am looking forward to Sunday that is deep conditioning day!

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