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    I just don't know if I want to get this for my newly purchased home. Of course the pest control ppl are all about my having it, but... I'm supposed to let them know pretty soon as to whether are not I'll go with their service, or there will be a higher fee if I decide to go with them later. I'm specifically talking about the bait sticks that are put in the ground to monitor, and eventually catch and kill, termites (if there are any around). It's not terribly expensive, but it would be another bill. From what I've read on the net, this new bait stuff may not even protect the house structure from termites since it's a new technology, and the verdict is still out on its protection capibilities.

    Does anyone here have this service? If not, do you use some other form of termite protection? Or are you just not too concerned about it?

    And while we're on the subject...what type of pest control service do you use, if any? And how often do you get the service--monthly, quarterly, etc.?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!


    It's cheaper than the treatment and repairs that come later when you have an infestation.
    True, but I'm like what if I don't even get an infestation. The last time the place was treated was in 2001, and no trace of them has been found as of yet, which is why I'm hesistant to go ahead and get it. But I know very well that they could come. I guess I'll go ahead and give them a call tomorrow. Better safe than sorry. Thanks for your input!

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