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  • Stone Mountain Park?


    We just moved to GA and we wanted to take the kids to Stone mountain while they are out for spring break(trying to keep them busy lol) but we dont want to pay a arm and leg on one adventure.

    I know parking is $8 but what else can we do there for FREE? lol I just want to get out the house and explore our new state and see what it has to offer on our budget lmao :P

    were thinking about going tom since it will be nice, so any help is much appreciated!



    The events there ARE pretty pricey. But it's a nice park and you can WALK around the Mountain......it's 5 miles around.

    I'm not sure how much the petting zoo, skybucket and ferry cost. There's also a little beach there.....uh and several 'museums' to visit....


    I LOVE stn mtn park..lol..(live in stn mtn too)

    for free...you may do your cook outs there, view the historical sites, the laser show is free, the playground is free....

    walk up the mtn...its a wonderful thing to do. you also can get a certificate upon your completion.

    now, if you purchased the attractions pass..you will be able to:
    * ride the train
    * ride the sky lift
    * ride the riverboat
    *the duck will cost additional money
    * 4d theater
    *the great barnyard/playhouse
    *other stuff..i know i probably left out

    just visit their website and plan some of the things you would like to do.



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