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  • Slight Knee Injury


    Hello, as I have mentioned in a previous post of mines, I had a slight knee injury. It all started about a month ago. I started weight lifting in August. This particular injury occured in early September while I was doing the squat machine. I was lifting a little heavy (About 120 lbs) And I heard a little crack in my knee as I came up from doing one of the squats. So then when I was done, as I walked, my knee felt very uncomfortable, but I managed to finish the rest of my lower body weight lifting and resistance workouts. As I felt more discomfort in my knee (to the point where I almost had to concentrate on walking ok without limping) I decided to give the gym a break (Which lasted a week). I thought my knee had healed ok so I progressed back into the gym onto the weight machines. I did my squats ok, but then I went to the Leg press machine (With a lot of weight...144 lbs) And I heard the same crack again. So after I finished the rest of my workouts, I felt my knee feeling discomfortable again. So now I have decided to take a longer break (2 weeks, I'm already 1 week down) I feel that maybe my positioning is wrong. I know when I do squats, I position both of my feet outward, and as I come down I sit back, And my thighs slightly touch my calves, but I only do this so that I can work out my glutes instead of JUST working out my Thighs. Am I going about my Slight Knee Injury the right way by just giving them a longer time off? Or should I stop going so low with my squats.. Am I just using too much weights? I weigh 145, and I enjoy lifting weights. This is my first time I've ever done it and I'm in love with it(I'm about 2 months in). But I don't want to end up really injuring myself because I want a nice a$$. Ya know? lol Well, tell me what I should do and if you've had similar experieces, how did you get through it? Thanks in advance :-)


    My advice is go to the doctor and get your knee xray. You first need to determine why your knee keep cracking. Explain when it happen/ what you were doing at the time etc... If everything is okay and the doctor say you can presume your workout, get with a personal trainer so they can look at your body position when doing squats. HTH.


    I'd go to a physio and get them to plan out a routine for you. My knee cracks and it's because the muscles around my knee are weak and my thigh muscles are is pulling my knee out of place.

    I also have flat feet which is making my posture all wrong. I need to work on strengthening the muscles around the knees and wearing insoles to bring the inside of my feet up. I wouldn't have known any of this without going to a physio.

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