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  • Question About Oils


    Ok, so I bought some oils and stuff from www.oregontrailsoaps.com and I've been reading different posts and I have a question. What does fractionated mean? Is it better/worse/the same as virgin oils?

    Here is what I bought:

    Avocado Oil, Natural Mollyp Green
    Castor Oil (but it says not for human consumption on the label, so is it different from regular ol' castor oil?)
    Coconut Oil, Fractionated
    Jojoba Oil (this looks and smells just like the jojoba oil I bought in the store)

    I also bought their aloe vera gel (me and the plant weren't getting along) and vegetable glycerine, but I don't have questions about those. :P


    fractionated coconut oil is when the coconut oil is heated so that the lighter, odorless oil is retained. the heavier fats are removed.

    your fractionated coconut oil will always be liquid, even in a cool area because those saturated, solid fats were separated from it.

    i don't know if it's better, worse, or as good as using unrefined or refined, solid-at-room temperature coconut oil though.


    If it's okay, I'd also like to add a question: what is the difference between base oil and essential oil??


    If it's okay, I'd also like to add a question:...

    ok this is my layman's definition.

    an essential oil e.g rosemary essential oil isn't really an oil per se. all the wonderful elements of the rosemary plant are distilled out of the plant through a frigging, complicated process.

    a base oil is just sth like sunflower oil. you need to use a base oil when using essential oils, cause EOs are powerful and the base oil helps to balance things out.

    that's my very clumsy explanation.


    ITA w/Thunderstorm


    What is "fractionated"?The coconuts white flesh yeilds oil which is...

    These oils are similar in scent to that of Essential Oils but because they are cold burnt not distilled they are soooooo much thicker. No additives no preservatives but it does state that these oils must be kept in the fridge.


    I kept forgetting that Cold burnt should be spelt like p/r/e/s/s/e/d


    Shulta I have another question if youdont mind please. My mom just bought up some coconut oil from trinidad for me and it says 100% pure coconut oil. It has an odor and taste so I am not sure if it is fractionated or not. It seems to always be liquid also. It is the type that the trinidadian indians use in their hair and skin.

    Any idea which one it could be?


    sigh *massaging head* okay. so i know since there are diff types and purities and levels and such of oils.

    Labels seem to throw me i think. I recently saw a bottle of Rosemary Oil-100% pure. Ive not bought any yet so i wasnt sure if this was the real deal or not. I didnt see the words "essential oils" anywhere on the bottle, so i wasnt sure if this was an essential or some other product.

    Quite frankly, my "hair budget" is currently a little limited so i hesitate in buying anything unless im sure. _eek13:

    are your essentials actually labeled as such? If its a base oil will that wording be on it as well. I would assume by law it would have to be, but i hate being taken in by confusing labeling.!


    Shulta I have another question if youdont mind please.* My...

    Humble apologies me dear for taking a while to get back to you.
    What does it say - exactly - on the label?
    Was it home made?
    I know that in the West Indies (mainly Guyana & Trinidad the coconut is called Nariel but please correct me if I am wrong)

    If you PM me with your email address I will email C. G. A. Ltd who are located on the Eastern Main Road, Laventille - Port of Spain.
    I just want to find out what type of Coconut Oil you have. I've heard that C.G.A are one of the most respected producers & manufacturers of Coconut Oil in Trini. (but again please correct me if I am wrong)

    Anyway, I will include you on the email so holla back if you would like me to send them an email to ask about this. I don't mind doing it as I will most likely be dealing with them in the future.

    What exactly did it say on the label?
    Did it give a scientific INCI name?
    What was the consistency of this "Rosemary Oil"?
    What was the colour of it?
    How was it packaged? (ie: in a plastic bottle or brown glass bottle or blue glass bottle etc..)
    Did you open it? If so did it have a dropper inside it like you would get with regular EO bottles?

    My only GUESS is that it may have been ROE, Rosemary Oleoresin which is a thick antioxidant.


    No problem at all =)

    Yes nariel is the big oil producers in Trinidad.

    I checked the bottle this morning and the oil was solidifying. The label says 100% Pure Coconut oil. It smells like homemade oils that my grandmother would cook saltfish in for example. I'm guessing this is the good stuff? My mom bought it from the sunday market back home.

    I'll send you the PM


    If it's starting to solidify then your guess is right - homemade, huh..YOU LUCKY NAPPTURAL LADY!!!

    I will still send an email to ask C. G. A. Ltd about the various Coconut Oils on the market and what the differences are; based on what they manufacture & produce as a company. It would be interesting to learn about the process.



    the bottle reads: 100% pure -Rosemary Oil- Rosemarinus officionalis. Packed in dark brown glass bottle, the tester had a dropper, it was liquidy and smelled very strong and concentrated.


    Sounds like Rosemary Essential Oil to me...
    Rosemarinus officionalis is the INCI or Latin name for Rosemary...


    I diggit!


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