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  • Profiling And Non Traditional Hair


    I am 17. I have been natural in braids for 4 years and I started locking July 2 2005. A few weeks ago at the mall, I noticed that the cops were following me. This has never happened before. I asked my friend with dreds and she said that hair is always the determining factor; hair determines your persona. My english teacher ( who is white) said that the he was profiled when he had long hair.

    I supposed this means that anyone who defies the status quo is suspect. I am, however, ready for a life with locs regardless of how I am perceived.


    Unfortunately being black (regardless of hairstyle or texture) and at the mall can be cause for profiling and harassment. I rarely go to malls and I don't 'think' I've been singled out for natural hair - knock on wood - and I certainly hope it never happens but I don't think having straightened hair has ever proven to be protection against harassment.


    this is very sad.....
    but im happy you decided to continue locking your hair sista,,,,,

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