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    Hello Everyone.

    I have had my TWA for ten days now (still loving it), but I have a question for anyone who can help. I have washed my hair (no-poo method) a couple of times and I use a moisturizer every day (Elasta QP mango butter). However, my hair is still hard as soon as it dries. At the suggestion of another natural sister, I have a spray bottle with water and a little olive oil in it and I spritz my hair with that every day (sometimes more than once), but as soon as it dries, the same result....softness disappears.

    A couple of days ago, I notices that when I comb my hair, the ends "stick up" and they haven't always done that. I was thinking that maybe there is still a little relaxer that needs to be cut off the ends, but of course, I could be wrong. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what might be causing the excessive "hardness" and the ends sticking up and what can I do to remedy the problem?

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

    Peace and Love,

    P.S. I also use the spritz made from the rosemary tea recipe I got from hairtipsforme.com. Even though I only try to spray my scalp, some of it gets on my hair as well. When I noticed the excessive hardness, I stopped using it, but nothing changed. Thanks, again!


    Hey, I really don't hink I can be of any assistance at all. But, I hope you get the answer's and the result's you are looking for.

    ~~Best Wishes~~


    hmmm... probably you have build up? and need to wash with a gentle shampoo (without sulphates) ever so often?

    with a twa as well, if i remember correctly, my hair took a bit of time to adjust after the relaxer stage - not scab hair necessarily, but it was all over the place.

    probably your hair does not get on with oils as well, and may get on with glycerin based stuff.

    i really don't know, it's just some suggestions that i am putting out there.

    Probably if you think you still have some relaxed ends left, you may want to cut it again?

    just some thoughts, hope that they help you to pinpoint your problem.



    I agree with JP. Probably product build up. That happens when you go to short styles, it happened to me. I was used to using a certain amount on my hair and didn't change when I cut all of my hair off. You may want to use a clarifying shampoo just to give yourself a good start.

    It does take your hair a while to get used to being short. When I cut my locs my hair was in shock because it was used to all of that weight bringing it down and "making it straight". That changes with time, believe me. LOL

    Or it could be the relaxed ends, that happened to me too, but I would give it some time just to make sure that you don't clip that end and have an uneven do.


    It just may be relaxed tips at the ends. That made my TWA stand up some...

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