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    I have to confess I always keep an eye on this forum, just for curiosity, and I must admit that I don't understand many things (my English is not that good) But there is something that always attracts my attention: most recipes I read are something like "get a can of this, mix it with a pack of that and a box of something else and add some bottled sauce". I suppose its a matter of prices, isn't it? It also weird for me that many of you are trying to eat healthy and at the same time eat processed food instead of cooking. Please don't missunderstand this, what I am trying to say is that when you really know what is in your food is when you cook it yourself.
    Is a vegetable burguer with God knows which ingredients healthier than a meat burguer? What have you got to do with a soy bean to look like meat?

    I understand that we have different cultures and different ways of life but...do you really think Americans eat healthier than Europeans?


    I can't really say. I don't eat many processed foods I like to know what is in what I am eating. You brought up a good point Chabela that veggie burger probably got all kinds of thing in them that are just as bad as what you can get from a cow.


    Quote:It also weird for me that many of you are...

    I really don't. Obviously, we are the fattest people in the world.

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