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    Hello Ladies,

    Because costs are so high in my residing country, I try to do most of my shopping durring travelling or by ordering online. However that can be really difficult as most places do not accept international billing or shipping addresses. For example neither H&M nor Forever XXI will accept international orders

    Does anyone know of any good/reasonably priced stores that ship internationally


    Hello, you can try my napshop:


    Thansk Masoesa, I'm looking for clothing stores in particular.

    BUMP!! C'mon ladies, I know somone must be able to help me


    I live internationally but it is an APO address. So you can check them out to make sure.....Old Navy, Target, JC Penny, zappos.com ( for shoes) jcrew, Dr Jays, Newport News, amazon ( I think). I know there are others I just have to check.

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