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  • Olive Oil And Honey Lotion


    Here is a recipe I have had for a while but never made until yesterday It is from a lovely lady from a Soaping forum I belong to her screen name is Bandicoots and those who may have heard of this recipe it is all that.


    20% Olive Oil
    5% e-wax
    5% stearic Acid
    6% honey
    4% apple Cider vinegar
    60% distilled Water

    eo of choice
    preservative of choice

    *** You can slightly smell the ACV in the finished thing if you want to you sub it with citric acid if so add 3% MORE water and 1 % citric acid instead of the 4% ACV

    1. Heat Olive/stearic acid/ e-wax together until just melted keep warm

    2. Mix water/ honey/ACV or Citric acid and heat to required lotion making temps and hold for 20 mins. ( have back up water warming to replace any of main water that might be lst thru evaporation)

    3. pour oil mix into water mix and beat fast with stick blender lotions should be white and very runny at this point

    4. let cool a little and beat again keep blender submerged to keep air bubbles from forming

    5. Let cool and beat again

    6 when temp is below 40 * celsius add EO/FO and preservative

    7 pour mixture into jars cap when completely cold.

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