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  • Np Is Killing Me....


    944819 ointlaugh: *ahem*My name is PrincessDrRe...... and I am a...

    *singing loud and off key*
    "You are not alone, I am here wid you, tho you far away, Napp is here to stay.....

    You are not alone......

    SANG IT!


    Y'all are nuts!

    I am an addict too...

    I just wanted to say don't forget to add "failed classes" to that disclaimer...



    I'm bald for crying out loud!!!

    And I still can't leave.


    I'm bald for crying out loud!!!And I still can't leave.*...

    I was like "What does that have to do with it?" Then I saw the rest.

    I'm smiling so hard my cheeks hurt.

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