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    Hi guys
    I have an ignorant question... How do you know if you have alopecia?

    2 years ago I combed out a set of locs, and a few of them seemed to be hanging on by only a few strands. That area was nearly "clean" for awhile, then the hair started to grow back, but slowly and weaker than the rest of my hair.

    Fast forward to this week, when I took down my yarn braids. I put box braids in underneath to make them easier to take out. I know I braided pretty tightly... but all the rest of my hair is fine except that 1 spot. Once again I have 3 or 4 braids hanging on for dear life.

    It's taken me over a year to get that spot to grow back, so I'm kinda nervous about taking down the box braids and losing most of the hair in them.


    I think that you should set up an appointment with a dermatologist, so that you can get the best advice and to know for sure if you have alopecia or not. Good luck


    Thanks, brownstonegirl.

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