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  • Need To Find Someone That Does Locs


    Hello I'm trying to find someone in greenville sc that does locs or dreads I'm trying to go from the perm to natural can someone please help me out this is making me pull out my hair. I also have hair sewn into my hair and it makes my scalp dry seems like when I add weave into my hair it gets dry. When I went natural before it didn't do this so I'm trying to go natural again I didn't live in this state when I went natural I had a good hair stylist. Now I'm searching for one.

    Can anyone help me out


    Hey there! It sounds like you have a few things going on at once. If the hair sewn into your hair is making you itch really bad then just take it out ....no biggie there right?

    As for a loctician go to the Napptual Services board and do a search on your area to see what comes up.

    Also be sure to look above at the pinned topics on this board for "Must Read...." it is a lot of good info in there.




    Thanks for answering me well I've worn the sewn in hair before seems like no matter what I do whether I add braids anything to do with the human hair or braiding hair makes my scalp dry. I've tried hot oil treatments different hair grease's shampoo's seems like I got something going on here. Even when I was wearing it permed it would last a good week before the dry scalp showed up again. My friend says I need to drink more water ugh water taste so horrible to me I'm forcing myself to drink it though. Once again me and my hair are fighting lol.


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