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  • My very first time


    my big unveil was to my class of 10th graders. they told me that it was short but it looked cute.


    My first experience with wearing my hair out wasn't particularly good, but I actually think I preferred the indifference that I got over getting lots of attention (even if the attention was positive). I had my hair tied up with a phhb in the greasiest, most untouchable puff ever . In retrospect it's hilarious, because I didn't even want to touch my own hair! I had slathered on a combination of Tressemme pomade and Let's Jam "conditioning" gel with the hopes of achieving defined curls - which I did get, but that oiliness was no.joke. Hehe good memories.~


    The first time I wore my hair out there was no hair!!! I had gotten my last relaxer at the end of Dec/beginning of Jan 03. I was deployed and I was waiting for this guy to come put a relaxer in my head, got tired of waiting on him and went to the barber shop and told them to take it ALL off. The next morning at work my supervisor wanted to send me to mental health(I was on deployment and there was a war going on) they thought I had lost my mind. Nope just the damaged hair. I was bald and loved every minute of it!



    My first time was to school...I went to class as usual, and people either were like, "I like your hair" or "Why did you cut it?" No one said anything mean. Unfortunately, my boyfriend didn't speak to me for two days.

    I also got a good pic on the front page of the school paper. It was one of those where the photographer just gets a pic of a student doing something. I was playing a drunk driving simulator they had on campus that day. Well, lets just say that anyone who didn't know my hair was cut sure knew it when they read the paper the next day!


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