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  • Making Healthier Choices


    Today I made a healthy choice and it got me thinking about the choices we all make, especially if we're trying to lose weight. Today on my lunch break I had a chinese stir-fry. When I left the restuarant I decided that I wanted ice cream from this really good place called Pacuigo so I drove there but when I got in front I didn't get out of the car. I decided to save those calories for tomorrow at least. I'm happy I made that choice.

    When did you make a healthy choice?


    Almost every freekin day!!! b/c i sooo love to eat the worst foods in large quantities!!!

    today, my dh wanted hot dogs...i looked on the pkg-16g fat for ONE (1) WEINER (not incl the bun)

    so i broiled some shrimp and had it on a wholewheat tortilla w/tomato, part skim motzerella, tomato, and spinach!!! just as yummy...less fat!

    a few wks ago i was faced w/trying to eat healthy at a pizza buffet it wasn't as hard as i thought...i used the big plate and filled it w/salad and i put the dressing on the side and did the fork dip thing...then only after i'd eaten like half the salad and was getting full did i allow myself to go to the pizza bar..i picked the veggie slice and the spinach slice...came back ate it slowly and i was full!

    i'm learning that it takes practice but can be done!


    We eat a lot of rice in my family. I grew up on it and I married into more rice-eatin' folks, so giving up white rice in favor of brown rice was a huge deal. White rice is not only cheaper and more widely available, it's also much easier to prepare. We did it, though. Diabetes runs in both my and my DH's families and we're not trying to go there. We are now a mostly whole grain family

    Divine One, I love the Josephine Baker avatar.


    I have to make a choice everytime I decide to eat. Sometimes it's easier than others. It's hardest at home. While I am at work, I really don't have much of a choice because I only bring healthy food to eat. But it doesn't help much when my coworker always having get togethers and luncheons. But, I try to think about results if I eat something unhealthy. My body tells me when I am not doing what I should. I am doing a whole lot better than I ever had in my life. Believe me, my body still calls for chocolate (esp Snickers during that time of the month), but I did good and stuck to my guns. It's a lifestyle I have to learn to live by. Making better choices now, will help me overcome tomorrow!

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