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  • Looking For Sunscreen For My Twa


    I love the summertime, but i hate how the sun fries my TWA. I'm on a no-oil routine, and that is working out quite well...but i can feel the difference in my hair when Ive been out in the sun all day.

    Any suggestions ladies for recipes to make some kind of sunscreen for my hair?




    I don't have a recipe. But I did purchase a product by Neutrogena (it's in their Triple Moisture line) called Silk Touch Leave-In Cream with UV shield. After using it my hair felt really moist, but it does have natural oils (olive and sweet almond) in it. I hope that this helps you out. I love the summertime, but i hate how the sun...


    Also, shea butter is a natural sun protectant. But I tend to use the same sunblock I put on my skin. Just mix it half and half with leave in conditioner.

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