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    Hey everyone. I'm trying to transition into more health conscious eating habits, and would like suggestions for a simple book that covers all the basics but is written in language comprehendable to the non-nutritionally aware. I know the bare essentials, such as number of servings of each group each day, sources of protein, iron, different vitamins, difference between saturated and unsaturated fats. But I'd like to know more fully, what are the 'danger' foods I should truly be avoiding, what are the adverse efects of them and such.

    Does anyone remember the black, female doctor that was on Oprah a few weeks ago talking about the hidden dangers (as in high sodium, bad cholesterol etc) in certain foods? Her explanations were perfect because she broke everything down to simple, understandable terms. I'd like a book that does something similar, if that exists . So what are they?

    Thanks in advance.


    If you live near a university, go into the campus bookstore and ask to see the books for first level nutrition courses. Thumb thru them and see which one you feel most comfortable reading. I prefer to use textbooks for subjects like that b/c they focus on giving the basic facts and less about promoting a certain diet. It's important that you understand the basics of how your body metabolizes food and what it's nutritional needs are. Otherwise it's can be very difficult to sift thru all of the nutritional advice floating around these days. I own 3 undergraduate texts and 2 med nutrition texts and all of them are easy to read. I'll dig them out and pm you the names.


    Thanks winnie.

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