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  • Itchy Scalp And Swim Lessons


    I have two issues that I have been dealing with this week. Hopefully ya'll can help me.

    1. I was in Atlanta last weekend and I had my hair done at Afrodisiac Salon. It was my first real professional style since going completely natural in February. I LOVED it and I am determined to keep my hair in the protective style for AT LEAST 2 weeks...Longer if possible. I don't want it to dread lock so I know I shouldn't leave it twisted for longer than 3 weeks.

    The problem is my scalp is SO ITCHY I don't think I can stand it for another week. I've done the trusty finger nail test and my scalp appears clear, but it's still itchy. I don't think it's dry scalp, because I don't have flakes or anything.

    The question is, is it OK to use shampoo (a VERY mild shampoo without the bad stuff) when your hair is twisted. I know I would have to concentrate on my scalp. I have an applicator bottle that I used and I put shampoo directly on my scalp and avoid the hair.

    I've even tried using an astrigent on my scalp this week. I put a little astringent on a q-tip and rubbed it on the parts in my hair. I saw that suggestion on V.Merie's album. It didn't work. I'm still itchy.

    Any suggestions?

    2. The other issue is I'm starting swim lessons on Tuesday and like I mentioned before, I would like to keep my hair twisted for as long as possible. How can I maintain the health of my hair when it's twisted if I'm swimming twice a week? Do I shampoo with a mild shampoo and condition just like I would if my hair was not twisted?

    Thanks for the help.


    Honestly...I'd so no to washing your twists. I had the absolute worse mess on my hands when I tried to shampoo my twists. They immediately tangled in on themselves so badly that you would have thunk I had locs.

    Same thing with swimming. I think you need to probably try braids. Maybe box braids, if you can stand putting them in and taking them down. Twists aren't likely to hold up in the water anyway.

    Itchy scalp. If your scalp is itchy, you probably just need to take your hair down and shampoo. Sometimes it's not necessarily about product build up. You're sweating, your skin is shedding (maybe not visibly) and if you have product on your hair, you've got product on your scalp. I have a chronically itchy scalp, been dealing with that for years so I don't run and shampoo at the first ichies cause my hair inches horribly right after I shampoo! I just scratch until my itchies go away. You can do that, or shampoo.

    Since you're going to be swimming, you might want to take some extra precautions to keep your hair moisturized. Make sure you're rinsing the chlorine out really well. You might get some products formulated specifically for swimming.

    Maybe someone else will come along and drop some ideas about keeping your hair moisturized when you're subjecting yourself to pool chemicals. I'ma at a loss on that one.

    Hope some of that helps and sorry your post went without at least ONE reply for so long!


    a good alternative to shampooing is to get some sea breeze astringent and some q-tips and go along the parts in your hair that are feeling uncomfortable and itchy. One word of caution, if you cleanse and moisturize, and it's still very itchy, the style may be too tight in your hair... as for swimming, I don't know- when I had swim class, I had to keep my hair loose so that I could keep it washed- the chlorine dryed my hair out too much to leave my twists in



    Thanks for the tips. Somethin' is telling me I'm gonna have to take it down tomorrow after my first lesson and give it a good wash and condition. But, I'm going to hold on for one more day. :-)

    I tried the astringent tip last week and it just didn't work for me.


    I washed in twists all of the time and had no issues. You really won't know how your hair reacts to it until you try it. I'd try it and see if it works out for me.


    i have shampooed twists before with no problem. i just didn't use a lot of shampoo and didn't scrub as much as i do with loose hair.

    i also started swimming lessons 2 weeks ago and had my hair twisted the whole time. all i did was rinse with plain water before i got into the pool, and then put some conditioner in and rinsed after i got out. my twists and my hair have been doing fine.

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