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    hi all--
    right now, my locs are looking hit. they are very dry and dusty looking. i am only 2 months in the locing process and i am feeling a bit discouraged. <_< I have decided to take my locs in my own hands (literally) instead of going to a loctican. I am heading to the store soon and here is what i have on my list...

    --to wash my hair i am gonna get DR. BRONNER PEPPERMINT SOAP (is this a shampoo or actual soap?) i hear alot of people talk about it and would i be able to buy it in a beauty supply store?
    --to retwist my hair i plan to buy Asha's Product Hair Butter and Lily Valley aloe gel
    --and to oil my hair and scalp i plan to buy Desert Essence Jojaba Oil

    Does this seem like good products to get my hands on to maintain my hair? let me know. thanks in advance


    Hey ! Sounds good to me. Becasue that's all I use, except the Hair Butter. BE sure to dilute the Soap. You can find Dr. Bronners in your natural food store/market. During my second month I took control over my own locs too. I haven't looked back since.

    You Go Girl. We are all behind you.


    Why not try the aloe vera gel by itself first for twisting and then add the butter ONLY if you need it. Less is more. Butter and oil sound like a lot. You could also mix your aloe vera gel and jojoba oil for twisting.


    thank u for the replies.
    natural kinks--i think i will take ur advice and mix the oil with the aloe vera gel. i hadnt plan to combine the gel and the hair butter. like u said, that sounds to be a bit much.


    I uses Asha's Sun Kissed Pomade on both my and my daughter's locs. It makes our hair smell SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!

    It's light, doesn't cause build-up, and gives an excellent sheen.



    Hi Aikanru,

    CONGRATULATIONS on two months! Stay with it. I think you have received wonderful advice! From another perspective, be sure to drink plenty of water and eat lots of green vegetables. This will assist with what is sprouting from your roots. In addition, I buy products from Escofari's Holistic House. They make all of their products and they do not contain alcohol which is known to increase drying. They sell their products and you can order at escofhari.com.

    Peace and grace,


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