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  • I Saw The Davinci Code (gotta Love Sneek Peeks!)


    I was able to see a special showing of the DaVinci Code last night. In all honesty, I really didn't like it. Here is my take on the film. This is just my opinion and I hope it changes because I really enjoyed the book and was hoping it would be a good movie. Hopefully people will post and talk about it.

    * Even though I didn't care for the movie, it was awesome being able to see the words on a paper being brought to life, so I am somewhat glad they made the movie. I think the imagery was nice and overall it was a well shot film.

    *I hated how they omitted so much stuff from the book. I know that is everyone's complaint when they see a book turned into a movie, but in this case the story line seemed flimsy and rushed. Actually, even at 2.5 hours long the entire movie felt rushed. There wasn't much mystery to it especially when it came down to solving the mystery. He got it instantly. No surprises. I know that they can't do everything in the book because Robert would go on and on for several pages about something, but they still could have went more into how he solved it.

    *The ending sucked. I will not go into detail, but yet again things were rushed. It just didn't make sense and they really played it safe to avoid too much controversy.

    *Tom Hanks did a pretty good job. He was somewhat believable. The actress who played Sofia didn't have much range. The actor who played Teabing was awesome!! He provided the much needed comic relief. Fache character sucked. He just seemed crazed and overdramatic. I didn't like his role in the film. If anything they could have left him out. The albino monk was grotesque. They did not omit much of what he did.

    * I did like the flashbacks and various effects. Yet again, I think it was pretty well shot.
    I will definitely see it again just because I don't want the movie to suck as much as I thought it did last night. My boyfriend who never read the book really didn't enjoy it, but he didn't find it too hard to follow, but so much of it seems contrived.

    I am writing this from work so I don't have much time, but I will post more and edit later.


    hmmm, I haven't read the book and I don't feel like seeing the movie. If I go see the movie I will definitely read the book

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