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  • I need help!


    I have been a member for almost 1 year.
    How do someone become a premium member with hairtipsforme?
    (P.S.: I donated 3 times this year/and clicked on yes, list me as a premium member-should I give more money?)

    I am also trying to change my e-mail and it is so not working!???

    Now i have forwarded numerous question to "contact US" on how to do all this--and i NEVER as yet received an answer...????
    (the first e-mail was about 6 months ago to the last one in December)

    I was reading the board and it takes about $1000 a month to run this website and i feel the need to give alittle bit more... but first!?! Anybody can help me fix those 2 things?
    Hope the "Contact US" is reading this~ op


    Frankly, there are a lot of things not working as Molly and her staff sifts through the bugs.

    -Did you include your forum name when you donated?
    With all the things happening, she may not have had a chance to update yet.

    -Did you include your security code when trying to update your email?

    If all else fails just be patient. hth



    You have to include your name when you donate. You can also try sending Molly a PM.


    Hey, ashmcd61. I donated too and haven't been upgraded to a Premium Member yet either. I just assumed that the Powers That Be are running behind due to the holidays.

    Please update us if you get any type of response in regards to this.



    o.k. I will...Thank you all!


    I've had problems as well, I would like to make a donation but keep getting an error message. When I try to refresh I'm locked out of the system.

    It has become frustrating.

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