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  • I Got A Great Idea For Vegans And Vegetarians


    I rarely eat out now. Mostly cuz i need to save mula, partly cuz it's not the healthiest food choice usually and also cuz the vegetarian menus are virtually non-existant.

    Anywho, went to Applebee's (i know, i know) last night with my sis and the kids and guess what i ate?

    Fajitas! No meat involved and it was hella tastey.

    So what i did was ask the server for the chicken fajitas minus the meat. It automatically came with warmed tortillas, rice, pico de gallo, cheese, grilled onions and peppers, and sour cream. I asked for a side of guacamole and salsa. Man that junk was good!

    For vegans, you can eat it minus the sour cream and cheese. The tomatos, salsa and guacamole will still be tastey and juicey. Also i just realized they may possibly have tomato or spinish tortillas to avoid the flour tortillas. You can always ask and see if they have corn tortillas. never know...

    So i was thinking, why didn't i think of that before? She took $3 off cuz there was no meat and they were very accomodating. So i'm glad i had a good meal out without meat :d)


    that was a good idea. when i was vegetarian-borderline vegan, i frequented ethnic restaurants. ethiopian, your better asian, and indian restaurants have really good vegetable dishes cooked with spices and such instead of meat bouillons and fat. and the good thing is that the dishes are normally very inexpensive. another favorite and something that's gaining popularity is burrito places. they always have versions without meat.


    yeah i love veggie burritos and tacos. i make 'em at home sometimes. actually with the same ingredients as the fajitas... its very easy. just saute some veggies. i usually use left over pinto beans and rice to add for the filling. very yummy.

    i keep telling folks that eating healthy doesn't mean the food shouldn't taste good.

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