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  • I Didnt Get Any Responses To The Loc Butter Receipe


    Hello everyone:

    I am a newly posting napp and I posted a loc butter receipe a couple weeks ago and I was wondering why I didn't get any responses? Has this already been posted? I would love to hear from someone. I just wanted any thoughts or advice on using these ingredients. I have only been locing for 2 months. I would really appreciate any advice.

    Thank you

    Loc Butter Recipe
    Submitted By:

    Lori of Kansas City, MO


    Shea butter recipe for loc care and maintenance


    2 Tbsp shea butter
    2 Tbsp mango butter
    2 Tbsp coconut oil 1 tsp lanolin
    1 tsp sweet almond oil
    1 tsp jojoba
    1 tsp avocado oil
    10 drops-ylang-ylang
    1/8 tsp vanilla fragrance oil (or fragrance oil of your choice)


    Melt ingredients together, pour in container and let cool. Good for hair and skin.
    Makes approximately 4 ounces.



    I dunno. It might have been useful information that people saved but didn't comment on, or it may have been posted when a few other topics were hot so your thread got pushed to the bottom and nobody noticed it.

    It looks like something cool to try. I know a lot of us have reservations about using shea butter on locs, so maybe that scared some people away. I think I'd try it more as a lotion. The shea & mango might cause build-up if used with a heavy hand.


    Thank you Issa for responding. I really appreciate your words of advice. That is what I keep hearing is that Shea butter will cause build up. So I will stick to Kemi oyl and olive oil.

    Tanisha 5


    To be honest, i wouldnt use it.. The first 3 things automatically turn me off. The butters are too heavy ( imo )& the lanolin... uke2: doesnt gell w/ me... something about putting the oil from sheeps wool on my hair/ body doesnt sit well w/ me.


    You're welcome.

    If you're looking for a good homemade locking gel, do a search on "honey". I think the ingredients are just honey, aloe vera gel, and olive oil. Mix together and you get great hold without stickiness or crunchiness.. provided you use the right amount of honey. :P


    Yeah I hear you. I am just going to leave...

    Thanks for the recipe . Have you tried it before or do you still use this on your hair?


    I would use products from Organic Root stimulator to maintain locs. The butters listed in that recipe are way too heavy for locs. I think that the recipe would work better for a body butter!




    Thank you for your response . I am going to try that. My loctican uses the gel to re twist my hair. Yeah I wil stay away from the loc butter.

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