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    Looking for recipe of homemade gels/pomade with holding power. One that can creat flat brush-backs for pony tails, and for twists? Any ideas?


    C'mon you guys cough it up. No, I'm not one of your favorites!! I do get that. I'm a newbie. I've decided to practice twisting hair. I know you guys know. I've got a couple of ideas:

    flaxseed gel
    boiling flaxseed in water

    Honey+aloe vera gel

    Any others?



    Hey Khaaya6,

    I got this recipe from the "homemade recipes" topic that is pinned at the top of this board. I haven't actually tried this recipe yet because I don't really use gels much. It looks good though.

    Flax seed hair gel

    1 tsp xanthan gum or vege-gel
    half a cup flax seed gel
    a cup distilled water
    1 tbl glycerin
    2 tbl coconut oil

    Wrap the flax seed in some cheesecloth or gauze. add xanthan or vege-gel. simmer in the water for 15 minutes. When u have a consistency you want, let it cool (u can add some more water if you feel it's too thick. always begin with cold water, and use a whisk if it's lumpy) add glycerin add coconut oil, and you are set. you can also adapt the recipe to include honey (in water stage) and aloe vera (at the end when it's cool) or castor oil.


    Setting lotion and/or a styling gel
    5 to 10 grams of dried Irish Moss
    40 grams of water (add more water if you wish)
    1 gram of Organic dried Chamomile herb
    1 gram of Organic dried Rose Buds
    1 gram of Virgin Coconut Oil
    1 or 2 drops of Vegetable Glycerin (optional)

    Prep time: 10 mins

    Bring water to a boil then turn off the heat
    Add the dried herbs & the Irish Moss to the boiled water
    Cover and let it set for 5 minutes or until it turns thick
    Strain the herbs from the water
    Add the Virgin Coconut Oil & Vegetable Glycerin
    Stir until thick in consistency - if the consistency is thin add more Irish Moss
    Allow to cool in the fridge
    Use as a setting lotion and/or a styling gel

    Store unused portion in the fridge for 3 days - discard after 3 days.


    Thanks so much you guys, I'll definitely try both of the recipes. Thanks again.


    im bumping this for more info
    i dont want a gel
    but would like a pomade recipe. one used for slicking and hold etc
    what are the
    i want to do one thats like sweet georgia brown but natural of course
    any ideas

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