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    I am very new to discussions. If I should do this somewhere else please let me know. I have been completely natural 2 years now. I did a chop/cut/help haircut in December when it was almost 9 inches long. I could not handle it on my own. I have thick, coarse hair (brillo pad) at times. It is now 4 inches stretched out and 3 inches of course shrunken which is all the time. I wear double strand twists which I do myself. If anyone can help with a routine I can attempt to soften my hair naturally, conditioner, grease, gel whatever please help me. My hair is so unmanageable at time I have considered wearing a caesar or even going back to a perm. Any support woud be appreciated. i will add pictures as soon as my camera is functional again


    Hi there. You'll get more answers about products if you post in the commercial or home made hair products forums. Click here.But to answer you question, lots of nappies have good results with shea butter. I don't. I prefer coconut, olive, and jojoba oil.

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