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  • Help - Breakage And Plato


    Hi All -

    I've been on here for a while, and have never posted. I'm in desparate need of help.

    I have reached my breaking point with my hair. I went natural almost two years ago, but my hair has not grown past a certain lenght. I've gotten it trimed, but that didn't help. It's brittled and most of the time dry regardless of how often I wash and condition.

    I do not want to go back to chemicals, but I don't know what to do to make it start growing..



    What's your hair regimen?

    What products do you use?

    When is the last time you trimmed before this most recent trim?

    Have you been using deep conditioners?


    What products do you use?When is the last time you...

    Yeah what she said?^^^


    What Dae Min said...

    What kind of shampoo do you use? I would suggest castille soap if you're not going to no-poo.


    Some people have said that co-washing doesnt work well for them. You could try looking in that thread for ideas.
    Are you using any oils?
    Do you wear anything to cover your hair when you sleep at night?
    Are you using heat on ur hair? (if so that's a no no because it can leave ur hair dry, brittle, and prone to split ends)


    I got married a month ago and my hair dresser decided it will be good to press it. Well that lasted a week and I ended up having to put braids in for the wedding. I took that out a week ago.

    The heat thing is probably the problem.

    How do I revert that now? Do I braid it for a while?

    I don't use shampoos, I use baking soda and Mazanie conditioner. I also put a cholesterol treatment after and then wash. I haven't sat under the dryer to condition since the pressing incident.

    At night I have to braid my hair and wrap with a silk wrap. If I don't braid it, it's one big blob in the morning. I never expected my hair to be this thick. It's not even soft anymore


    Baking soda can be incredibly drying on your hair if you use it too much. Too much protein (cholesterol) can make your hair hard and brittle and it will snap off.

    #1. Cut out the baking soda
    #3. Find a deep conditioner that says moisturizing on it
    #5. Find a moisturizing shampoo or stop using shampoo altogether and just conditioner wash.

    ETA: You aren't using any kind of moisture on your hair! Thats why its breaking off and not showing any growth and why its hard and not soft. Find a light butter such as red palm, shea, cocoa, or coconut oil or olive oil and use that to moisturize your hair after you wash it. I would also suggest doing some protective styles such as twists or braids to give your hair a break.


    #1. Cut out the baking soda#2. PUT DOWN THE HEAT#3....

    Ditto what she said......
    and if you don't know where to start, try oyin handmade's whipped pudding, and juices and berries as a leave-in, or just plain distilled water, suave conditioner (coconut,strawberry any of the fruit ones) and a touch of castor oil. It works wonders as a leave-in spray. You can mix cheapie suave conditioner w/ castor oil for a great leave-in that's super cheap.


    and if you don't know where to start, try oyin...

    Thanks guys, I have to wash it this weekend. I'll try the distilled water by itself first. I tried the Suave before and it broke my hair. I'll twist after washing.

    I'll keep reading the threads for more ideas, and keep you guys posted.

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