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    So I am going to China in 2 weeks, for a year long stay, and I dont know what products to buy or what to do. I BC my hair on feb 28th and now my hair is about 3-4 inches long (I think), thick curly. All I have been doing has been using the afro detangler, but that is way too expensive, and I want to buy more products that will do more for my hair.

    I also really dont know how to style my hair that well either, but I am really trying hard to master 2 strand twists (they just take so long) before I leave.

    So I dont know what to buy or what hair style to put my hair in, or just general care of my fro, and I know that when I get to china like hell they are going to have a black hair salon!!! So What to do??!?!?!!?

    Thanks for reading,
    (My Hair)

    (/My Hair)


    Your hair looks very healthy! I'm a product minimalist so I'd probably tell you just to bring some good conditioner.

    Have you tried flat twists??? You could flat twist your hair in the front and have a lil fro in the back. You also have the option of twists and braids.


    Congrats on going to China for a year. What part are you going to, because if you are going to be in a larger city, maybe you could do some research on the types of products you'll be able to get there. For instance SeoulSista is in the Aveda thread a lot. I would think if Aveda is available in Seoul it would also be sold in Hong Kong or Shanghai? . You probably just need a good moisturizer, whether it is a leave-in conditioner, or a spritz (homemade or store bought) or oil mixture. Good luck to you (sorry I wasn't much help).


    Yes good conditioner is ideal and also a moisturizing hair dress (one that goes with your hair). Check out Carol's Daugther if you'd like. Try twists (very small) and then after two days twist it out..i've recently noticed that the twist out lasts very long...even when you condition it!! Enjoy China!

    By the way, your hair is radiant!!

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