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  • He Textu.rised His Hair Anyway


    so my mom and i come home yesterday, and my father (who has beautiful,
    beautiful beautiful hair) asks us to pick up a re.laxer for him when we head back out later that evening.

    when we go out, i ask her why he wants to mess up his hair. i felt that it looked great the way it was, and it always seems that when he puts chemical in his hair he gets unhappy with it a few days later and chops it all out (only to begin the cycle again). and she said that she wasn't sure, and that she thought it looked great too.

    we get up to the beauty supply store, and she asks me to pick up the re.laxer because she was going to look for some braid hair. and getting that box was the most awkward thing i have done in a while just because other people were standing around watching me like they thought i was going to "fix" my hair or something.

    my mom and i get back and i let him know that i thought his hair looks nice, and that he really doesn't need to slap a re.laxer in it (or textu.riser, whatever the difference). but i couldn't change his mind and neither could my mom.

    this morning, i went into the bathroom to wash my face and i saw the empty re.laxer base container inside the garbage.

    honestly, i was more worried about the fact that he did this in the shower, but i am also really disappointed that he slapped that stuff in his hair. but people do what they want, i guess.

    i just wanted to share.

    edited to correct spelling errors


    your post made me think of my husband.

    he has the prettiest, thickest naps i've ever seen. i luv sticking my fingers in there and twirling them around - it's just so soft and lush........

    usually he'll just grab himself one of those Just-For-Men coloring kits and touch up the grays at the front of his head and his mustache - no problem i tell him heh - men are entitled to their vanities same as we are i tell him. lol.


    i dunno what gets into him sometimes - every 6-9 months or so i'll see that texturizing kit sitting on the bathroom counter and know what he's gonna do.......

    and, like your dad, winds up getting the stuff cut off within a couple weeks. i'm like ----> WHY?

    and yea, he does his in the shower too.

    keep luvin him's all i can say



    Are you saying your father applied the debbil cream in the shower??? If so, it's a wonder he has any hair left!!!



    yeah, he never does it any other way

    i worry that it would get in his eye or something. i wish i could stop him from using chemicals at all, but if he does it in the future i'd at least prefer that he gets someone else to do it (as opposed to a do-it-yourself job)

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