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    Okay, I don't do much now but things I've tried include:

    B Complex Vitamins - Didn't notice any boost in growth.

    Steroid injections - They hurt and all they did was diminish the fatty tissue at the site of injection. I know have little bald dimples on my scalp.

    Steroid creams - Cool cream that soothed the scalp but did nothing for hair growth.

    Antibiotic topical creams - Did absolutely nothing.

    Aloe Vera - Soothing but did not help with growth.

    Massages - Soothing but did not help with growth.

    For the past couple of years I haven't experienced any further hair loss or new bald spots. Things have been pretty stable for me. I've learned how to manage stress a bit better and I think that might have helped.

    My mother experienced some hair loss around the time that I did and she's started using Organic Root Stimulator's 4 step hair regrowth program.


    The Organic ROOT Stimulator System
    Organic ROOT Stimulator is a simple, natural drug-free method of hair and scalp restoration. This intensive Organic Root Stimulator System therapy uses over 14 herbal extracts and vitamins to exfoliate the scalp and nourish the follicle, while stimulating circulation thereby generating oxygen. In addition, this Organic Root Stimulator System system uses natural ingredients containing hormones (diogenin) that can counterbalance the hormone DHT.

    Step 1: Read Directions Carefully - Conduct a Patch Test

    Select the appropriate Organic ROOT Stimulator products that best suit your hair type and texture. Select Organic ROOT Stimulator System Temple Balm for chemically treated/burnt hair or Organic ROOT Stimulator System Fertilizing Serum for natural hair textures, braids or weaves. To avoid skin irritation or allergic reaction, follow directions carefully. Conduct a patch test to check for any skin sensitivity or allergies. Do not use the Organic ROOT Stimulator system four days before or seven days after any chemical service.

    Step 2: Apply Organic ROOT Stimulator Fertilizer Daily - The daily regimen to hair and scalp restoration

    Organic ROOT Stimulator Temple Balm feather-light, gel-based balm, blended with over 14 herbal extracts to revive thinning hair in all affected areas, but especially around the fragile temple area. top and nape. Organic ROOT Stimulator Temple Balm soothes the nerves close to the scalp that have been irritated by over manipulation. Ideal for relaxed or burnt hair.

    Organic ROOT Stimulator Fertilizing Serum A liquid version of our Organic ROOT Stimulator Temple Balm, rich with vitamins and amino acids, created to exfoliate and increase lipid production and balance growth-stunting DHT hormones. Ideal for natural hair textures, braids, weaves and curly perms.

    Step 3: Cleanse the Scalp

    The health of the hair starts with a healthy scalp. Stunted hair growth, hair thinning and dry scalp can all be signs of a sick scalp. These problems are caused by sluggish metabolism, poor circulation, harsh chemicals, or the environment. Together, they can starve the scalp of needed oxygen. Organic ROOT Stimulator developed Organic ROOT Stimulator Scalp Scrub Oxygen Therapy.

    Organic ROOT Stimulator jump starts circulation, providing the ideal environment for hair to thrive. This is an intensive aerobic workout for hair follicles and scalp. An essential companion to the fertilizing process, this herbal-rich Organic ROOT Stimulator shampoo invigorates the scalp by sloughing off dead tissue and excess oils. Organic ROOT Stimulator Uplifting Shampoo irrigates the hair follicles while infusing vitamins, panthenol and zinc to condition and detangle the hair. Use Organic ROOT Stimulator Uplifting Shampoo weekly for best results to keep hair healthy and strong. Gentle enough to be used daily.

    Step 4: Condition & Maintain

    Now that you have taken care of your hair from the root, use Organic ROOT Stimulator Hair Therapeutics to maintain the health of your hair. Condition your hair weekly with Organic ROOT Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise, Organic ROOT Stimulator Carrot Oil or Organic ROOT Stimulator Olive Oil as a daily hair dress to strengthen and protect the hair.


    I haven't tried this myself and wouldn't have even consider it because I'm so frustrated with treatments and medications etc. if I didn't see evidence of it working for my mother.

    Areas where my mother's scalp had been smooth for over 3 years now have visible new follicles from which hair will grow. She showed me just yesterday and I was floored. I used to do her hair often until about 6 months ago and I so I know her hair and the condition of her scalp. She has had some growth after using this system since July.

    I don't know really how it works, why it does or how long the effects will last. My doctor told me about Rogaine for women but said that once you stop using the product any new growth that you experienced will eventually fall out. So you have to use the product for years, or as long as you want the thicker hair. Not sure if ORS works the same way.

    I'll watch my mother for a couple of months to see how it works for her and maybe consider trying it myself.

    I continue to received a few PMs each month about this and since I don't think about my hair loss much any more I thought I would ask the group what you've been up to.

    So, what have you tried, what did or didn't work?


    I used the ORS, liquid and balm, I was kind of skeptical of the balm due to its mineral oil ingredient, and the liquid burned my scalp, although at the time that might have been due to my fresh barber's cut.

    Sometimes not having hair at the temples is frustrating. Because of this, I can never rock a close twa freely without my barber filling in the spaces with a makeup pen.

    What really has me miffed is that the hair in front of the spaces just sit there. I have been natural for 2 years and that part just won't grow, it just stays little tufts. If it's breakage, I don't know what from, it just does not grow, so it's not like I can use that hair to camouflage the middle gap, which is approximately an inch in space or a little more on both sides.

    I tried rosemary and wonder if I did more harm than good by not knowing in the beginning I was supposed to dilute. I even used bay oil. Nothing works, and I really don't understand the front part not growing at all...

    I take vitamins but mostly to offset the effects of my meds. The only thing I really notice is that my nails are strong, even though I pick them, they grow back really fast. My hair has always grown at a good rate, so I don't think anything has really done a thing. I just can't believe the front will not grow. People say it grows, the hair that is, it must just break off, but I can't see that.

    I hope more responses come


    My hair started growing on its own. But i still went to the dermatologist and got the steriod injection shots to boost it. I have also rubbed my head with some shea butter before that and continue to do so. I guess it takes time. Like i said my hair started to grow on its on. I had a little bald spot above my ear. I hope everything works out for all of yall.


    I tried ORS about4 years ago for about 7 months and it turned my scalp red so I stopped using it and I didn't try anything else. Two years after that I transitioned for about 6 months and cut my hair. I don't worry about my thinned spots as much as I did then.

    I just let it be. It looks better now than it has in years. ^_^


    The only method I've found useful in dealing with hair loss is being patience. I've been dealing with hairloss since the age of 13 and when I found my first patch I thought I was dieing, it was devastating . When I went to the doctor they didn't prescribe anything and basically said <_< there is nothing they could do. In saying that, I do have an appointment with a specialist *my doctor insisted* for them to do a scalp test or something.

    The *there is nothing we can really do* response proceeded over the years, I went to all different types of â˜specialists' the only thing they had in common apart from the fact that they were all v. expensive, was that they couldn't guarantee success and they said the hair can grow back of its own accord. And in all instances it did. The only time I actually used something on the scalp was when I went to a Chinese herbalist. I had to boil herbs and drink them and rub something on the bald spots and basically lost faith in it after a while. So I saved myself money looked into my holistic natural and basically cheaper methods, for a number of reasons. Cost, availability, no grand declarations of rapid hair growth, no side effects and it basically it just made common sense to address the apparent lack of nutrients in my body. And in 17 years of dealing with alopecia I would say more than anything I worked out that my hairloss was closely related to stress, when things was getting on top of me I would find a patch or two (and in fact one is growing back right now).

    So rather than rubbing all sorts of expensive concoctions on my scalp, I take vitamins and supplements for my dry scalp and hair growth (MSM and biotin). I keep it simple, wash my hair at least once a week, massage the scalp, and sometimes use the cold water method as an alternative to massaging the scalp as well, don't use greases etc that block the pores. And try not to stress myself out as I know that is the main cause of my hairloss.


    Hey ladies. Just leaving my mark. I know that b4 I went natural My edges were almost completely bald so I started to use Profective line. One in particular was the Growth N' Healing AntiThinning Circulation Stimulant. It's REALLY good! The entire line is as a matter of fact. U can get it in local hair stores or go to www.strengthofnature.com


    Thanks for your responses thus far.

    I don't use anything now but I was considering the ORS program because I've seen results with my mom.

    SkatC, I think my alopecia was related to stress too. I did have traction alopecia in some areas but I also got bald spots well after I stopped relaxing and braiding. Lately I haven't had a flare-up because, I believe, I manage stress better.

    I haven't done anything to treat the hairless areas, if can find something that works now it might be worth a try. I am very careful about what I put on my hair and scalp so I have some research to do.


    I know what you mean about stress. I experienced some hair loss a couple of months ago. It came out of the blue. I've always had thin hair but never whole parts of my hair line disappear.

    I suspected stress at the time.

    I tried Emu oil, Rosemary EO and scalp massages.

    I suspect the Emu Oil would have helped along with scalp massages but I didn't like the consistency. I was either too lazy or too busy for the scalp massages everyday.

    Ultimately time and managing my stress level brought my hair back.


    I have to say Surge worked great for me to get my "chemically induced thin hairline" to come back. I liked emu oil even better after I had aneurysm surgery. My scalp itched like crazy due to healing from the surgery...the emu oil really calmed the pain and my sides came back again within months of nightly use.

    Now through better habits...my hair does not break off or shed abnormally.


    Okay, I've got a system...

    I've been using MTG and Lenzi's Request alternatively for about 4 months now. Please do not take this as me advocating the use of or encouraging a discussion of MTG...just telling you what worked for me.

    I pray
    I keep my hair in big fat twists
    I only comb my hair about one to two times a week (after a wash)
    I use the crown and glory method for washing my hair
    I sleep with a plastic bag on my hair
    I do nightly scalp massages
    I take a multi vitamin
    I've been using a Dominican conditioner called Apretedora (again, not an advocation)
    I slowed down on the weaves
    I just started spritzing my hair with a mixture of Aloe Vera/Salerm/DDTA nightly

    Now, I'm not sure how serious your cases are...but my entire crown has been gone for the better part of 4-5 years. The derms told me that there isn't anything that could be done, but I'm seeing hair now.

    What was all skin, now has fuzz which is getting thicker and longer each month.

    A lot of what I do is to keep the hair that I have while the crown grows in. It's funny though, cause I don't have a problem with my edges and they are thriving.


    I have suffered shedding due to stress 5 times in my life. Each time everything gradually sheds over a 6-12 mth period until I end up chopping it all off. Well, sometimes I am lucky and only the front sheds but that always leaves me with a balding pattern. At such times I also suffer from S. dermatitis. Its stress followed by itchy white scalp, followed by shedding and lota of visible scalp. I have used ORS on thinning temples and it really did work. I didnt have the patience though so I gave up..... I was recently introduced to advanced shen min for women (8 mths ago) and I really see a difference in the volume.


    I removed a weave syle I'd worn for years! in April and have alopecia traction from wearing it sewn too tightly, definitely too long. I had bald spots and thinning hair in the temple area and on top of my head. From April thru late August, I used Surge as directed, with minimal results, i.e., hardly any hair growth on thin areas and nothing at all growing on the bald spots. Also, for the past month, I've used a homemade oil concoction, which I think is good/helpful.

    I tried Phyto Phytoaxil Fortifying Intensive Care for Thinning Hair approx. 2 weeks ago, along with the Phyto hair/nail supplement (from drugstore.com or google "phyto") and within 10 days I had hair growing in the bald spots and am achieving length (slowly but surely) in the short, thin temple area. I've continued to use my oil concoction, which includes essential oils of rosemary, sage, emu, jojoba, carrot, grapeseed, tea tree and eucalyptus, along with a daily nettle tea rinse. I massage in the Phyto, let it dry, then massage in the oil mix each night, and after working out each morning, I use Infusium to detangle and Garnier Frutis Long-n-Strong Leave-in Anti-Split Ends and Soft Curl Creme to create big twists or puff(s); for moisture I use either Shealoe or 100 % shea butter or Phyto's ulta dry hair balm (am also using Phyto's ultra dry hair shampoo and conditioner).

    I still squirt in what little Surge I have left every once in a while - figure it can't hurt, but it didn't grow my hair.

    My ^_^


    I had traction alopecia due to many years of relaxing and constantly being burnt with each retouch. I also wore a lot of braided hairstyles, which pulled and eventually damaged my hairline. For several years, I just did nothing thinking that since I was abstaining from harmful practices, my hair would automatically grow back. that didn't prove to be the case.

    In recent months, I have been massaging several times a week and rubbing in rosemary oil. I can see new growth on my temples, where there used to be no hair and this isn't just me seeing what I want to see. I will keep this up, at least the weekly massages and see how this works for me over time.

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