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    A couple of months ago, I bought a box of Clairol's Texture&Tones hair color, I had to go back to Walgreens to return it. When I read the ingredients on the box, I was shocked, my goodness the color contains so much chemicals...I figure if I want to go natural, I must stay away from all these chemicals so I decided to return it...Last week I was on someone's page, I saw a color in her hair and she said she dye her hair with "Henna" (a natural dye from India)...Unfortunately, I don't recall the girl's screen name...Anyway, does anyone here use "Henna" do dye her hair? How does one choose the color they want to apply on her hair for the powder is green and I would assume that whatever the color that one is looking for to dye her hair, the powder is always going to be green (from what I was told)....Does it specify the color on the box/container? How long does the color last in your hair? I'm just hoping the color does not come off and stain my clothes...Last but not least, if anyone uses "Henna" to dye her hair, I want to know where I can purchase it (online) or in my local store in NY...Thanks in advance



    I was looking into natural hair color for my pre-mature gray coverage and here's some info I found:

    Henna For Hair

    ^This website has tons of photos, info about ingredients, samples for only the price of shipping, info on natural things to add to the henna to get color variations, supplies, etc. etc. One thing I learned is Body Art Quality Henna is best.

    By The Planet Website

    ^Here's another website with Henna Hair color.

    Here are some local salons that say they do natural hair color. Take a look at the websites and perhaps by calling them and explaining you are out of the area, they may give you info of what product to buy or what they use.

    Juju Salon and Organic

    Duafe Natural Hair Salon

    Hope that helps


    I was looking into natural hair color for my pre-mature...


    Thank you so much for all the info...I greatly appreciate it


    It may ahve been me that you saw - I henna my hair, have been for about 2 months now, and LOVE it. One comment - henna is a cellophane 'type' dye. If you start out with black hair, it's still gonna be black, but it'll have a reddish 'glow' to it. The more you henna, the deeper/richer/more distinct the reddish color becomes. I'm actually hennaing over bleached/dyed hair and my virgin hair, so the red is showing up MUCH better on the bleached sections.
    Another note - if you ever see a henna that claims it will make your hair ANY color OTHER than red - put it down, back away slowly, and RUN!!!! It's liekly to be compound henna, and that stuff is just as bad (if not worse) for your hair as the old-fashioned chemical dyes.

    Have fun with it though, and those above links are a WEALTH of knowledge - you read through even 50% of them, and you'll be fully hennaducated.


    Thank you so much for all the info...I greatly appreciate...

    ^Thanks for posting . Before going natural I actually had cellophane color over my dark hair. I used to hate my hair dripping red tinted water. Does henna do the same thing or will the color retain on your hair and you don't have to worry about tinted water drip staining anything?

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