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  • Gettign Rid Of Blemishes


    Question:Is Black soap very drying and is it good...

    Black soap made my skin burn. I'll stick to my Obaji products. They cleared my blemishes in 2 weeks.


    I have sensitive skin, and black soap made my face burn as well- I now use it for my body only b/c I don't want it to go to waste, and it gives a really good clean.

    I like AO's face cleansing lotions- they have them for oily, combo, dry, and sensitive skin. I use shea butter at night to moisturize my face.

    I LOVED the idea that someone gave about using aloe vera on my blemishes. This works so well and doesn't leave a mark. In fact, the more I pick with my blemishes, the better it works. You just apply pure aloe vera to the blemish daily several times. The more times you apply it, the faster the blemish goes away. I like to do it about 4 times a day. Thank you to whoever gave this tid bit of info!


    1-actually crushed fresh strawberries work wonders..something about the fruit acid i guess
    2..this may sound stupid but oatmeal is kinda good as a mask to reduce blemishes and for oily skin lol
    3-if ya have a really red pimple and it may have popped up by suprise, visine actually helps the color go away go figure
    4.i use aloe vera for emergencies

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