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  • Fornicate, Marry, Kill


    F & M: Nick Cannon....I luvs me some Nick Cannon

    Both of these litte young bucks (Bow Wow, Chris Brown) would be killed but if I had to make a choice I would:

    K: Bow Wow
    M: Chris Brown.

    Flava Flav, Shaba Ranks, Garry Coleman


    F - Flava Flav :I'll blinfold him and hire a...

    F- Armstrong Williams: I can make him change his mind about some things
    M- Walter Williams: We can seperate immediately after the wedding
    K- Storm Phillips: I don't know who he is, besides the other two would be joining him shortly.

    Aaron Mcgruder, Hill Harper, Jeff Johnson b.k.a Cousin Jeff

    **fans herself vigorously**


    *LBell admits to having had to Google Hill Harper and Cousin Jeff*

    Freak: Cousin Jeff (hanging on to those locs... :P)
    Marry: Aaron McGruder (yeah, he's younger than me...so what?)
    Kill: Hill Harper (although I'm currently living in his home town so I'd probably have to lay low for a while)

    Do the people have to be all living? Do they have to be the age they are now or can we have them be the age they were when they were cute? (getting multidimensional here)

    Sidney Poitier (as a young man)
    Harry Belafonte (as a young man)
    Billy Molly Williams (as a young man)


    Marry Sidney Poitier. He's such a f cking gentlemen.

    Lay with Harry Belafonte.

    Kill Billy Molly àƒ¢â‚¬âœ He probably thinks heàƒ¢â‚¬â„¢s too pretty making him unsuitable to marry or f ck (ala sheàƒ¢â‚¬â„¢s gotta have it)

    spike lee
    robin williams
    danny devito


    Lay with Harry Belafonte.Kill Billy Molly àƒ¢â‚¬âœ He probably thinks...

    f- Danny devito
    m- spike lee
    k-robin williams

    tom joyner, simon fuller, randy jackson


    f - randy jackson
    m - tom joyner (I love a man that can make me laugh)
    k - simon fuller (I just don't know who he is so figured this was the safest one)

    maury povich (lol), taye diggs, brad pitt


    m - tom joyner (I love a man that can...

    f- maury (just get it over with)
    m- taye
    k- brad

    bustah rhymes, eminem, ice t


    F: Eminem.
    M: Busta rhymes
    K:Ice T('cause I'm *hateful*)

    Let's see...

    Levar Burton, Gordon from Sesame Street, or Electric-Company-era Morgan Freeman?


    Marry Morgan. He's always been dignified and attractive.

    F ck Levar ...his lips must be good for something and afterwards he could sing the theme song from Reading Rainbow -- complete with pantomime expressions.

    Kill Gordon. I never liked his mustache.

    The Skipper
    Mr. Howell


    F- Gilligan
    M- Mr. Howell
    K- Skipper

    okay, back to switching it up.....Star Jones, Whitney Houston, Karinne Steffans (Superhead)


    Kill all three....... _eek13:
    But, for the sake of the game
    F-karinne after I see some test results
    M-Star and make her eat something
    K-Whitney no comment

    Switching again Monique, Tocarra Jones, Kim Fields


    Monique, Tocarra Jones, Kim Fields

    F - Toccara. Even though I'm hetero, sis is HOT!
    M - Tootie. She seems kinda cool
    K - Monique. She's funny but I can't do to much with her otherwise.

    Republicans - Bob Dole, Newt Gingrich, Tom DeLay


    I've only read two pages of this thread (first and last) and I'm steady ...

    Yeah, I'd like to kill all of them but...

    F - Tom DeLay (bet you thought I'd say Bob because of Viagra, but no)
    M - Bob Dole (he'll be dead soon so I'll get his money)
    K - Newt Gingrich (I can't marry him...he'll leave me like he left his sick wife!)

    Let's see here...how about evening anchormen?
    Brian Williams
    Charles Gibson
    Bob Schieffer


    F: Brian WilliamsM: Charles GibsonK: Bob ShiefferBarack Obama, Hillary Clinton,...

    F - John Edwards
    M - Barak Obama
    K - Hillary Clinton

    what about . ..Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, Jon B


    oops i didnt see your post

    f-justin timberlake
    m-robin thicke
    k-jon B

    Diddy, Michael Bivins, ankh rah


    F - Eric Binet
    M - Don Cheadle
    K - Anthony Anderson


    Diddy, Michael Bivins, ankh rah...

    F- michael bivins
    M- diddy take that kim! in yo face!
    K ankh rah only cus i have no idea who he is.

    gary oldman, kim kardashian, usher


    F-gary oldman
    M- Usher
    K- Kim Kardashian (she prolly got something)

    Bushwick Bill, Suge Knight, Mike Tyson


    M- UsherK- Kim Kardashian (she prolly got something)Bushwick Bill, Suge...

    F- Mike (i'd dope him up like robin did and pretend we did it when he came to )

    M- Suge (i like his beard)

    K- bushwick bill

    arsenio hall, eddie murphy, redd foxx (alive)


    F-Eddie-He might be freeky deeky
    M-Redd-Take that Donna and Lola Falana
    K-Arsenio- Why is the top of his head still square?

    Marilyn Manson,Criss Angel, Beluga Whale Belafonte (don't remember his name) aka Scary Spice Husband


    Corey Hart, Corey Feldman, Corey Haim

    F - Corey Feldman
    M - Corey Hart (where the heck is he?)
    K- Corey Haim, he's real annoying.

    Michael Vick, "Pacman" Jones, the guy from the Denver Broncos with the 9 baby mamas.


    F - Corey FeldmanM - Corey Hart (where the heck...

    I ddon't know any of them really well so this is just random.......

    fornicate Pacman Jones
    marry Michael Vick
    Kill the guy from the Denver Broncos (after altering his will to leave a portion of his assets to divide amongst the baby mamas, and keep the rest of the estate.)

    George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden :P


    fornicate Pacman Jonesmarry Michael VickKill the guy from the Denver...

    May God forgive me:

    Marry Osama Bin Laden
    Freak George W. Bush
    Kill Saddam Hussein

    Viggo Mortensen, George Clooney, Lenny Kravitz


    Marry Osama Bin Laden Freak George W. BushKill Saddam HusseinViggo...

    Honey, I gotta rewind-you'd probably be better off fornicating with Sadaam than Bush.

    I'm just saying.

    Fornicate Lenny
    Marry Viggo
    Kill George

    Brett Michaels, Flavor Flav, New York


    I normally stay out of threads like this, but here I go!

    Fornicate Flavor Flav
    Marry Brett Michaels
    Kill New York

    Adrian Brody, Mystery (from the VH1 show The Pickup Artist), Dave Chapelle


    marry dave chapelle - he's funny w/money and if he was my husband he'd be out working for the comedy channel while i was home spendin' dough.
    screw mystery man - i think i know who he is, he gives advice on dating? surely he must know how to do it right.
    adrian brody - he must die! sorry, even though he seems sensitive and kissed halle, he doesn't look like he'd be much in bedroom.

    wayne brady, paul wall, cuba gooding


    freak-paul wall....he's the peoples champ
    Marry-Wayne Brady..... he seems like he would make a good husband
    Kill- Cuba Gooding...I really dont like him....



    Junkyard Dog Hulk Hogan"Ravishing" Rick Rood...

    f- Rood (nice abs)

    m- the hulk (i used to love him as a kid)

    k- JYD- and here is my reasoning. i wanted to pick the brotha cuz he 6ft3 and 280 lbs but please note the photo

    this man has on high waisted tights and i dont see anything that resembles a nipple on his chest- so sorry, i gotta take u out AND he has no pronounced bulge... almost looks like a camel toe <_<

    ok here is one
    eddie murphy, eddie cane (five heartbeats), eddie griffin


    f: ving (ouch!)

    m: richard (old enoguh not to want sex anymore)

    k: samuel (process of elimination)

    antonio bandares
    quentin taratino
    steve buscemi


    quentin taratinosteve buscemi...

    marry antonio bandares - good looking, works regularly and seems committed.
    shag quentin taratino - nothing sensual about him, but the dinner and conversation before would be good.
    kill steve buscemi - i like him as an actor, but he doesn't seem like he's very romantic or loving....or rich.

    bill gates, william buffet, michael dell

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