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  • Fornicate, Marry, Kill


    **************Warning stupid post alert***************

    Ok, so my friend taught me this game while we waited in line in the freezing rain to see Maroon five for a New Year's eve show.

    It's actually F*#k, marry, kill but I cleaned it up.

    This is how it goes I name three people and the next person has to say who out of the three they would sleep with, who they would marry and who they would kill and you have to choose. Then you name three new people (it's good when the 3 people have some kind of connection that makes it hard to choose)

    I'll go first

    R Kelly, Bobby Brown, Michael Jackson - Go


    F*%K-Bobby Brown...man that was hard picking that one

    Marry- R. Kelly...at least I could get some pretty songs written about me

    Kill- My Main man MJ...da*n that was hard. I want to say marry him for the rights to his Beatles collection, but I just couldnt do it....LOL

    Okay next

    Bill Cosby, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton


    Ewww, this is terrible and difficult!

    Freak - Jesse Jackson... I dunno.
    Marry - Bill Cosby... He was a great t.v. husband and dad.
    Kill - Al Sharpton...I think he's a fake.

    Bruce Bruce, Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock


    Opps, dp.


    Bruce Bruce - Freak
    Chris Rock - Marry
    Dave Chappelle - Kill

    James Brown, OJ Simpson, Magic Johnson (mwuhahahha)


    Dang, this is a hard one...

    Freak: OJ Simpson...and then he could roll on in his white Bronco
    Marry: James Brown...I'd make him cut the perm out and dare him to get domestic...I'm bigger than him anyway.
    Kill: Magic Johnson...what do I need him for?

    Bleh at all my choices.


    Damon Wayans, David Alan Grier, Tommy Davidson


    Gross! They are all so old!!!

    Freak: David Alan Grier- I had no other options!
    Marry: Damon Wayans- he the best out of the three!
    Kill: Tommy Davidson b/c he is so darn annoying!

    Next... Carmello Anthony, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson


    Gross! They are all so old!!!829842...

    *my childhood has officially ended*

    I can't believe you said that they're all so old... ointlaugh:


    freak- allen iverson(that was easy)
    marry-carmello 9even though he is way too young)
    kill- kobe (never liked him, he looks like a turkey)

    O.K. what about some guys from the other side...
    Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Aston Kutcher


    Marry- Ashton Kutcher (before Demi does)
    Kill - Brad Pitt (before Jennifer does)
    F *#k - Tom Cruise (after Nicole and Penelope)

    We can't forget the youngsters

    Omarion, Mario, Bow Wow


    oooh. rubbing fingers with glee.

    reaches for condom freak: tom cruise, cause he's a star
    buys dress: marry brad pitt
    sharpens knife: kill ashton kutcher

    don cheadley, jaykay(jamiroquai), common


    *my childhood has officially ended* I...

    ointlaugh: Sorry! I think they are old! All of em old enough to be my father and that grosses me out! Well, I guess they are!!!


    Marry- Ashton Kutcher (before Demi does)Kill - Brad Pitt (before...

    Ok-freak-Omarion cause he's got a nice six pack- I feel so dirty
    Kill Bow Wow- he's just too young

    ok check it- Danny Glover, Sam Jackson, Morgan Freeman


    Ok here it is

    F***- Sam Jackson
    Marry- Danny Glover
    Kill- Morgan Freeman

    Boris Kodjoe, Ice Cube, Micheal Ealy


    Boris Kodjoe, Ice Cube, Micheal Ealy829926...

    F- Micheal Ealy

    Marry- Ice Cube

    Kill- Boris Kodjoe


    Johnny Depp
    Djimon Hounsou
    Oded Fehr


    F- Micheal EalyMarry- Ice CubeKill- Boris Kodjoeop: Johnny DeppDjimon HounsouOded...


    Can a sista with strict moral values adjust and play? If so, this is how I would word it...

    Marry Djimon Honsou
    Release the career of Johnny Depp
    and hmmmm....have a nice chat with odedfehr, in a wholesome environment of course h34r:

    That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

    Marion Barry, Andrew Jackson, Jesse Jackson



    whaa?? I didn't get that.



    Sorry that should be Andrew Young!

    I'll edit it as soon as I figure out how to get my edit button back!



    F- Micheal EalyMarry- Ice CubeKill- Boris Kodjoeop: Johnny DeppDjimon HounsouOded...

    Very tough choices!

    F-oded fehr
    M-johnny depp
    K-djimon hounsou

    Next choices:

    Boris Becker

    Dolph Lundgren

    Tyson Beckford

    Khalliqa--sorry, I had to skip your post because I didn't get it and I didn't know the guys you mentioned (apart from Jesse Jackson).


    Take a walk on the dirty side-Andrew Jackson
    Marry; *shudder,puke,shudder*-Jesse Jackson
    Let him sleep wit da fishes-Marion Barry

    Let's get dirty-Boris Becker
    I Do; I can put a paperbag on his head when relations time comes-Tyson Beckford
    Pushing up daisies-Dolph Lundgren

    Ludacris, Game, 50 cent



    Ludacris, Game, 50 centP830530...

    Sex-50 cause he's got a nice body
    Marry -Luda cause he's cute and clever at times
    Kill-Game cause i just can't get with that grill

    David Justice, Eric Benet, Rick Fox (can u guess the theme here)


    F - Game
    M - Ludacris
    K- Fiddy Cent

    Next up:
    Bell, Biv, Devoe?


    Take a walk on the dirty side-Andrew JacksonMarry; *shudder,puke,shudder*-Jesse JacksonLet...

    Blech, these are the ugliest bunch of guys ever. But if I *had* to, then:



    Tom Cruise
    Brad Pitt
    Arnold Schwarzeneggar



    Tom CruiseBrad PittArnold Schwarzeneggar LOL.830609...

    Freak: Tom Cruise... He's awesome!
    Marry: Brad Pitt... I'd have his babies!
    Kill: Arnold Schwarzeneggar... His voice is so annyoing! I'll be back, my azz!!!!!!

    Vern Troyer, Gary Coleman, Emmanuel Lewis


    I would have to say...

    freak..emmanuel lewis...still gross though(he is the cutest of the bunch)
    marry...gary coleman
    kill...vern troyer..

    okay next,

    Sean Connery
    Tommy Lee Jones
    Harrison Ford


    freak - Sean Connery, I always thought he was like the sexiest old white man alive

    marry - Harrison Ford, I feel that I can take him to dinner and he be civilized, then he could use the whip afterwards

    Kill - Tommy Lee Jones, he always seemed like a jerk to me...

    Peep 'em

    "Off The Wall" Michael Jackson
    "Thriller" Michael Jackson
    "Bad" Michael Jackson


    Ewwwww gross!! But if I had to.....

    F***- Thriller MJ
    Marry- OTW MJ- At least he was still Black
    Def Kill- Bad MJ- no need for explanation

    Here it goes
    Shaquille O'Neal, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan


    OMG you've put us between a rock & a hard place

    I'm waiting to see who can do this one. op:


    Kevin SpaceyJohn MalkovichJohn Lithgow830869...

    F-Kevin Spacey
    Marry-John Malkovich
    Kill-John Lithgow that darn chin!

    Willem Dafoe

    Taye Diggs

    Clive Owen


    Prince WilliamPrince CharlesPrince Harry830876...

    freak- Prince Harry
    marry- Prince William
    take a baseball bat to -Prince Charles

    Now who's steppin to the plate on this one


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